• Glasstop Games

    Tip 1 is (was) one of my favorite Google Spreadsheet secrets. For the mac users out there you need to hold down the option key, instead of ctrl, to create a Set.

  • Don Sturgill

    Good stuff. Thank you.

  • Don Sturgill

    Good stuff. Thank you.

  • Tiffany Luther

    Thanks for the tips on formatting cells! I have the hardest time with this myself. I write a blog on tips and tricks for Small Business, including this one about Google Drive: Feel free to give suggestions if you have any, Thanks!

  • David

    Very cool ideas. I had no idea these existed.

  • Mike Yin

    all your image links goes to not fund page

  • Josh Williams

    Thanks Mike, looking into the images.

  • Josh Williams

    Sorry to let the cat out of the bag! Also, thanks for the Mac directions. I’m strictly a PC user so any Mac keystrokes are lost on me.

  • Josh Williams

    All fixed. Thanks for catching that.

  • TipKilby

    Here’s a tip I use all the time: to set the column width easily, double click the right edge of the description field at the top of the column. This will adjust the width to the widest member of that column.

  • Ramon Andrews

    These are great tricks for Google Spreadsheets. Thanks for sharing such useful techniques. Cheers!

  • Sam

    It would be a great improvement to “lock” the paintbrush to enable one to style non-contiguous cells.

  • Clarissa Lucas

    This is such an informative post on some tricks that can be used in Google Drive’s spreadsheet. Thank you for posting.