• Cory Howell

    Ok, so what exactly is “RCS” an acronym for? The post doesn’t explicitly say…

  • hyderali

    It stands for “Real Company Shit”

  • clevergareth

    I would never have got that… so what does ‘Real Company Shit’ mean? Otherwise, good article… :)

  • hyderali
  • Amir

    Wao that’s nice way to create RCS links i ever see. You use good way to get it, it works well in my way.

  • Mike Essex

    Thanks for showing RCS in what is a very “dry” industry. It’s nice to see that it can’t only be done by fun brands or those that already naturally attract links.

    It seems like the best way to get links is no longer to rely on spreadhseets of millions of sites and instead we need to focus on quality sites and any way you can add value. I hope this means we are moving away from a “toolset” mentality to more focus on human analysis. Anyone can buy a tool but only a great SEO can apply themselves to problems creatively and this post proves that.

  • Anthony Pensabene

    Wow – definitely respect the creativity in using available resources to meet desired outcome – true – where there’s a Wil’s team, there’s a way

  • Mick1964

    This is a great article with some good advice thanks a lot.


  • Spook SEO

    I tend to agree with you that link valuation considers SEO value, brand placement, as well as potential referral traffic, and the potential beginnings of an industry partnership. Thank you for sharing the 3 ways to create RCS link. I have learned something new from this post.