• Gaz Copeland

    Great post Adam and I can identify with many of them! A couple of things:

    Point 5. I say write the email/blog post, but don’t send them, go for the walk etc and read them when you’re calm. You actually learn more about yourself that way I find.

    Point 6. I’d also add minutes to that, if you have a meeting but don’t note down the actions, they won’t get done.

  • Alex Koontz

    Dude…thanks so much for this! I’m a soon to be grad and SEO intern here in Columbus, OH and I can really relate and find some validation for my experiences in learning SEO and working the past 6+ months. It’s stuff like this, and places like SEER, that I really love about this industry. Thanks again man!

  • Adam Melson

    Hey Alex! Glad you liked it. Gaz – good points, we’ve started adding approx minutes to our meetings to keep 60 minutes from spreading to 90 which used to happen way too often.

  • Napoleon Suarez

    Really like 11. I also like to ask about their ideal SEO client to see what types of things they enjoy working on. You can keep that in mind when considering which projects to assign to SEOs in the future.

  • M Roth

    Interesting piece of information here on your website. Keep up the good work and continue providing us more quality information from time to time.

  • Adam Bednar

    Good observations. I just joined the SEO realm as a content writer and have already comes across many of your points (in just two weeks’ time)! I was asked a decent amount of questions in the interview process that weren’t related to SEO. Love #11!

  • Charlie Gaylord

    Great post, Adam. #8 cracked me up.