• seo india

    thanks for the book list

  • Gab Goldenberg

    Had no idea you spoke at ASE, Wil – cool stuff.

    I read Meatball Sundae, which was awesome, and Web Analytics an Hour a Day, which was not. Quite average, and thus, dissapointing, from as bright a guy as Avinash.

    Looking to read Call to Action and Wikinomics, dunno bout the others.

    Another 2 must reads are
    - Web Design 4 ROI by Lance Loveday and Sandy Niehaus, which is the BIBLE of conversion.
    - the SEO Book by Aaron Wall (duh)

  • wil

    Gab thanks for stopping by! Web Design for ROI sounds like something I should look into. Definitely let me know what you thin k of call to action…I really liked it a lot.

  • Monica Wright

    I’m excited to see MicroTrend listed here – one of the best books I’ve read all year, and so relevant to SEO in terms of targeting these emerging communities shaping our country. The Malcolm Gladwell book I actually enjoyed more was “Blink”, definitely worthy of #11. Thanks for the list!

  • wil

    @monica – Glad you liked the list. I read blink too, I guess blink would speak more to how quickly people decided if they like your site after you have driven them to your site via a search engine. I liked blink, but I will say that after about the mid way point, I found the book to be a little repetitive. I think I was comparing it to the tipping point though, which is HANDS DOWN one of my all time favorites.

  • ecommercerak

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