• Terry Van Horne

    Wil this assumes that all agencies are as well known as SEER! That is seldom the case! I’ve found lots of outreach does not get read simply because the email address does not pass many bloggers “I’m tired of getting outreach from marketers” test and why I prefer to use the clients email address so it looks like direct contact. Also when you use real people they tend to move around and can actually use the success with you to leverage their position elsewhere. I don’t think it is cut and dried… every situation requires thought as to what is the best route in the niche,

  • Justin Lewis

    Hey Wil, I’m sharing what I wrote on LinkedIn, here.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about this, but when you mention putting books out for people to take, I’ve been buying books like REWORK and handing them out for free to business owners that I believe they can be beneficial too. Although I may have already landed the client, it builds a more personal relationship between us. And on another note, I usually do things with the people I’m doing business with.

    So instead of them just paying me and I do the work. We go out to eat, go to a NASCAR race, play pool, go snowboarding, etc. to build an even stronger relationship.

    Relationships matter and in 2014 they’re going to be even more vital as we sell ourselves more than products alone.

  • Felix Brown

    In my opinion Good original content, well implemented on page optimization and a solid link building campaign is usually more than sufficient for SEO.

  • wilreynolds

    @terryvanhorne:disqus actually dude, in the general scheme of things, SEER is a NOBODY. Maybe today yes a little bit, but do you think journalists know who we are? Nope. You think marketing agencies know who we are, Nope! Trust me, in the SEO world SEER is known, outside of that world we’re just another small marketing agency. And with Journalists we’re nobodies. But you bring up a good point, building a “brand” will show so if we do outreach, and someone google’s us, we look pretty legit.

  • wilreynolds

    @NicheOptimizer:disqus Thanks for the reply buddy. You are so right about building a more personal relationship – I am such a strong believer in the power or personal relationships.

  • Terry Van Horne

    Journalists for the most part are used to dealing with secondary agents. I was thinking specifically about blogs and even then it was more of the lesser known blogs that often just ignore most outreach from marketers/SEOs.

    Also there are lots of companies that would not want outreach to appear as if it came from second parties. The other point is that IMO, if you are locked into “musts” on anything in this game it:
    A: leaves an easily trackable footprint (not a concern here)
    B: takes assessment out of the process.

    Not one site on the internet is identical to another so all these things should be thought through. It also means that ending a relationship with SEER ends the relationship with the site or at the very least sets it back a bit until the relationship is re-established.

    I hear what your saying and agree it makes it much easier when it is all in your name. I’m just not one who believes anything is that cut and dried that you **must** do anything. It should all be considered in context of the client’s needs and goals. I have encountered situations where definitely the use of a persona was the ideal solution.

  • Marco

    I would not advise this approach with all of your clients. Remember that sometimes you need to play it cool and keep it just business related relationship. Clients can become too demanding and blurring the lines between business and pleasure. Just saying.

  • Brian Dean

    Love this, Wil.

    As much as I still do quite a bit of scaled outreach, I find that the best bang-for-my-marketing-buck comes from reaching out to people just to say what’s up.

    I won’t get a link THAT DAY (which is hard for most SEOs to swallow), but they come as I cultivate a legitimate, non-transactional relationship with him or her.

    Although a lot of people in the SEO community poo poo on “relationship building” because it doesn’t give you tangible benefits, I’ve found the opposite. You may not get tangible benefits RIGHT AWAY. But they will come.

  • wilreynolds

    @disqus_ayyW5RNNgX:disqus – You hit the nail on the head, it’s the need to get that link on THAT day that so often leads to short term thinking. I feel like “relationship building” is a buzzword…SEER has something coming that will be game changing for us to build relationships, it will be public so keep an eye out.

  • Reid Bandremer

    I’ve always liked to get the client to give me an email address with there company in it and send from that (with my real name), so via MyAgency. My thought is it shows transparency/authenticity while also seeming like a real appointed voice for the client. I also believe that @randomagency addresses probably have lower open rates.

    Thoughts on this practice?

  • Justin Lewis

    I find it worthwhile if you know how to pick and choose clients. The great thing about growing is that you get to a point where you can say you don’t want to work with someone very specific. Relationships are HUGE in growing a business and personally I’d rather have a good time and still make good money, Instead of just working for someone else.. that’s never been my style ;)

  • Justin Lewis

    @wilreynolds:disqus, definitely man. The relationship can go an extremely long way once you get it perfected. At first I thought it would cause issues with business.. but if you work it in correctly it can have a very nice impact on where you go with the business and keep a long term relationship strong.

  • Mark Smith

    You are absolutely right that any SEO company should be honest to costumer to serve them the level best. Verti group International services are always transformed according to the technological changes and moderation to build strong relationships for the enhancement of their sales and marketing. Our focused campaign and strategies are customized for making them achieve top position among their competitors along with the money back guarantee but our services never let them face hurdle and complain. This is the reason for successful relationship of our costumer towards our company.

  • wilreynolds

    @reidbandremer:disqus I have done that in the past, as our clients got larger it became harder to get. Then when we had someone leave SEER we’d end up with people doing outreach from another email they no longer use, while we got procurement to get us another one. The open rates are definitely higher (esp. if the brand is loved / recognized).

    I am OK with it as long as when you send the emails, you let the person know you are working on behalf of the client, not that you are an employee, then you are being 100% transparent.

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