• Tammy Dickinson

    Finally….someone saying what I have been thinking for a long time now. Thank you.

    I would love to see some fresh air out there in advice or tips. I know that the wealthy get wealthy by keeping what they know close and the rest under the blanket with the flashlight, but wouldn’t be wonderful if there were bits and pieces to impart that changed the stagnant waters that the hungry new folk long to drink from?

    Great post!


  • Larry Bailin

    I wish people would stop falling for this kind of stuff. If it cost twenty dollars to succeed everyone would be a success. I thought by this time people would stop believing all the “Google secrets revealed” stuff. These so called experts would not be able to figure out Victoria’s secret much less Google’s. You’re right on the money – there is no secret. Tried and true sales and marketing understanding, caring about what your customers need and common sense. Unfortunately common sense is not so common and that’s why these experts exist and why I keep getting email from deposed dictators.

  • danielle

    wow, great post! you know, i’ve thought the same thing many times, and came to a conclusion about it. as you mention yourself, ppc is like offline marketing, just with more math. therefore, any business person with a dedication to testing can do ppc, yes? that’s why i figure there isn’t one ppc guru (unlike seo…).

    as for myself, i would never buy adwords secrets revealed for $19.95 bc there’s probably nothing unique in there, i’ve already gone through the adwords learning center and that was free!