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  • Portman

    Great list of some user segments in Google Analytics which can have a
    huge impact on business and are available with easily obtainable
    browser-level information. Now for the task of how to execute tailoring
    content to these kind of relevant segments, Google Analytics can’t
    really help you beyond telling you what is happening, and A/B testing
    content variations within each segment becomes a daunting task when you
    want to move to a more granular level with a few of the 16 segments

    Even for segmenting based on more specific geotargeting
    (zip code) can lead to different outcomes of what content performs best
    from the larger area (state/country). Once you layer on time of day,
    you can still find that what works best at 3pm in a zip code is
    different from the overall average in performance because of a
    demographic shift in users at that time (i.e. kids coming home from
    school).go here

    Google Analytics is giving great information, but to
    implement you need employ a programmatic method to tailoring content
    based on these segments to take advantage of the wealth of information
    without going down a rabbit hole of repeated, overlapping multivariate

  • john

    Until now I understood and believe Google analytics code only useful for tracking site user information. But when I read your post then I realized that can use for multiple purposes.

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