• Elizabeth

    Fantastic post! Especially the breakdown of You vs. Competitors, very helpful.

  • Harris Neifield

    Thanks Elizabeth!

  • cmsbuffet

    Great post.
    Thank you

  • Gerwin

    As competition is getting harder this is a must have tool to see what is happening. Competitors are showing up with bids wich we havent seen using Adwords for years – Times are changing.

  • Ed Kish

    Hey Harris, congratulations, these are really nice tips about the feature. Keep it up!


  • Danny

    The following statement is not accurate: “Average position doesn’t reflect the competitor’s position on the SERP’s when you’re also on the SERP’s, but just the competitor’s position when they are successfully placed in an auction independent of you.”

    In Google’s own words: For example, if one of the other participants in your Auction insights report is showing a “5” in the Average position column, this means that participant’s ad showed, on average, in 5th place in auctions **when your ad also showed.**