• The dad

    Great job!

  • Brent Pittman

    I’m testing out a few videos where I transcribed them. What about name, address, phone (NAP) of business in description and geo-tagging to business address in the advanced settings?

  • Regina Enriquez

    Hey Brent, I think adding NAP to your video descriptions is definitely a useful way to fill that space, especially if you are linking your YouTube videos to your Local Google plus page. Geo-Tagging is also a great idea because it could help with local search results and potentially get you ranking within a locality. I could see Geo-Tagging also useful for those in the travel industry, real estate or anyone with a strong local SEO focus and who want to use video to share their services or products.

  • Rob Kates

    Great post. As a video producer who creates primarily web content I look forward to not only using this information but also sharing it with my clients.

  • guptaabhijit318

    Thanks for the article. Video optimizing tips is useful. Here you describe Video optimizing tips are interesting and these will be helpful for many people.

  • Joshua Harvey
  • Joshua Harvey
  • Alva Abadilla

    Hi Regina, thank you so much for sharing your tips. I admit that I apply your tips to my YouTube channel I learn great ideas as I read your post from the start up to the end. I don’t expect I can stop by to your blog after I do search on Google on “tips optimizing videos”. It’s my pleasure to be one of your fan. Again, thank you so much and keep on sharing your great ideas. Keep it up!

  • Regina Enriquez

    Thanks for the comment! Glad to have been able to share this insight and help you out with your needs. Definitely continue to read our blog as you will find some great tips on various SEO, PPC and digital marketing topics!

  • Karan Rawat

    your Video Should be interactive ! like this

  • Jolly Live

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  • David Le
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  • Tom Martin

    Hey Regina – great guide

    This is a fantastic introduction to YouTube optimization but it is a very complicated subject.

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