• Casey Stern

    Buffer for scheduling social sharing of articles and/or graphics to multiple accounts-Twitter, Fb, LI, etc. (right click on a graphic on site to share only the graphic)

    Bitly…link shortener

    Thanks for the list!

  • PYS UK

    Thank you so much for sharing great creative resources to follow! I really appreciate it.

  • BusySuperVA

    I love the Pic Monkey extension. It allows me to capture a screenshot and instantly edit it in Pic Monkey v.s. downloading the image, uploading to edit. I can easily add comments, icons etc. to my screenshot and send to a client.

    Thanks for the great article. There were a lot listed here that I did not know about.

  • Daniel

    Can I suggest another extension? Its a new extension that I started to love at the first time I’ve seen
    Its the LightUp! Extension that shows to us the right download button we should click at some pages. Its really usefull
    Great list

  • Viacheslav

    When doing your backlinks research, oftentimes you find yourself manually surfing through pages that link to your website. But finding your link on each page time after time is a tedious task.

    Straight-to-the-link – – is a chrome extension that eliminates this hassle. You just type in your domain name and the browser will scroll down to the link and highlight it for you.

    Disclaimer: the author of the extension is me. Initially I wrote it for myself and now decided to share it with the world. Enjoy!

  • Harry Nguyen

    I suggest a word count add-on that might help your writing if you use Chrome

    if you use Firefox:

    if you want a fast & reliable solution, you can go to its web version: