• Alex Czarto

    In your second paragraph you make reference to — this should be Ubersuggest.ORG.

  • Ethan Lyon

    Thanks Alex! It’s updated.

  • Matthew

    A great post Ethan! Sometimes I struggle like mad with content and its always nice to find a different approach to things. :)

  • Ethan Lyon

    Thanks Matthew! I use Ubersuggest all the time to find interesting guest posts in industries I’m not all that familiar with. Thanks again for taking a look. Much appreciated!

  • Brian

    Great post Ethan, I’ve definitely run through the alphabet on Google Suggest a few times. looks different for me than in this post. Instead of the txt checkbox, I have to click “Select All Keywords” at the top, and then the “Get” button on the right side of the page.

  • Ethan Lyon

    Looks like they just updated their UI, but you’re on the right track. It’s a bit different but the same concept. Thanks for checking it out!

  • Cleo Kirkland

    Awesome, awesome, awesome, idea. And it’s easily scalable across multiple campaigns. Thank you for writing.

  • Ethan

    Thanks Cleo! Would love to hear how you use and how it’s helped you out in your SEO campaigns.

  • Chris P

    Hey! Great Idea for ubersuggest! I have been using it for Keyword Research, but this is an awesome Idea! Thanks for the tip! (I also like how you use Tag crowd) I hardly ever write content, but with the release of my new blog coming up this will surely help me stay fresh! Thanks again!

  • Ethan Lyon

    Thanks Chris! Tag Crowd can also be a great way to find head terms, and Ubersuggest will help you drill down to the long tail.

  • Alex

    Hey thanks for mentioning my little tool Ubersuggest. I think I could integrate the tag cloud visualization right in the tool to make it more useful… what do you think?

  • Ethan Lyon

    Hi Alex – That’d be incredibly helpful because then you can see the head terms and easily spot interesting topics within the cloud. Also, I love the new copy and paste feature. I re-created in Google Docs using importxml so I could get an easy copy and paste but it looks like you solved it.

  • Alex

    I will work on this features… BTW could you please add a backlink to Ubersuggest in your article? I say this only in the interests of your readers ;-)

  • Ethan Lyon

    Of course, the article is updated.

  • Sandeep

    Awesome post..great…amazing…any other tips and tricks for content generation if you have then please share it with us :)..or if you have done similar kind of post of making content so creative way,,,

  • BH

    Nice article.

    I like to use KeywordDonkey if I have more than one keyword to find suggestions for.

    Thanks for a great blog


  • Guillermo Ortiz

    Ubersuggest is such an amazing tool and really helps with generating those keyword ideas. Thanks for the post!

  • Gary Viray @ Search Opt Media

    This is exactly what my content team needs! The idea of creating contents based on what searchers are searching for.

    A great addition to our list of keyword research tools.

    Thanks Ethan and Wil!

  • Ben Fisher

    Great stuff here. Looked it up after watching your rapid fire link building video.

  • MegriSoft

    I tested the whole process as mentioned by you and found it is great idea to find relative keywords for writing blog post or an article Thanks