• Scott Krager

    Nice article Hoa, SERPs launched a new free keyword tool that combines some of these sources together in a neat little package. You can see it here:

    What do you think? Because I’d love to know your thoughts!

  • Rajesh Magar

    Spectacular, but just the single one you might miss to add in to. “Related searches” details which coming at the bottom.

  • Rober Ferreras

    Great article¡¡¡ new cool ideas for my keyword research arsenal, thanks for sharing such useful info, regards :)

  • Jamie Press

    Great read, Scott!

    I reckon people should check out this SEOmoz post for a sweet Q&A trick in Google Analytics (props goes out to Joshua Unseth):

  • Hoa Cong

    Thanks for sharing that tool Scott. I LOVE the overall concept of the tool but I am finding that is it not catching all of the suggestions for Google Suggest, Google Trends (Top & Rising), or Google Related. However, it does do a great job at pulling in Bing Suggest as well as YouTube Suggest.

  • Hoa Cong

    Great post and definitely a pretty sweet trick to find FAQ content through Google Analytics. Thanks for sharing!

  • Scott Krager

    Thanks for taking a look Hoa! Still needs some kinks worked out. We need to better display when there are no suggestions or trends found (sometimes a keyword or phrase just doesn’t have any suggestions!)

  • Hoa Cong

    Regardless of the kinks, I think this is a great tool and something I would use once the issues have been worked out. Any thoughts on adding a feature to export the suggestions to either a cvs or something similar?

  • Scott Krager

    Definitely, a CSV download as an alternative to the email report is a great idea….added to the roadmap for that tool! I’ll let you know when live!

  • Bill Bean

    Great tips, Hoa. Very helpful AND accessible, not to mention free.

  • Hoa Cong

    Thanks for the kind words Bill

  • Hoa Cong

    Thanks Rober

  • davide marzorati

    Nice tool! Thank you for sharing, it will be nice with a local country customization!

  • davide marzorati

    Real good work! thank you for sharing it!

  • Higher Leap

    Excellent post. Thanks for sharing. I also like the link to the new SERPS tool which I’ll have to check out.


  • Ruchika Singh

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  • Colin Guidi

    Well I’m thrilled that I scrolled down to the comments and came across this :)

  • Stuart L. Crawford

    Did not know about the Synonyms ‘trick’ in the spreadsheet – amazing tool!

  • superseo

    very Nice tool! Thank you for sharing, it will be nice with a local country customization!

  • Mukesh

    Informative article i ever found about effective keywords research ideas..

    Thanks for sharing

  • Heine Chortsen

    Try to use, and you will find alle the keywords searched for with google and every possible kombination in front and after the keyword. Works lige a charm :)

  • Pauline

    Great article! I almost forgot about the Google Trends tool. Thanks