• Joe Hall

    FYI: Real companies that do real marketing (that engage in their community and use engaging content) got hit by Penguin too.

    IMHO Penguin has risen the bar for link building. Which is a good thing, but prior to this, these links were what “real” companies build.

    The rest of the video was great, especially the keyword suggest tactics/analysis.

  • Bryant Jaquez

    That was the best video I’ve watched today (and It’s a friday…shhh, don’t tell WBF)

    Thanks for shareing.

  • Scott Bauer


    Quality tips, tools and humor, doing “s*it real companies do!”

    Stand up SEOComedy.

    Well done+

  • John Turner

    One of the best things about going after “high value” links: the traffic you directly get from said links. A billion directory links MIGHT have helped your SEO before, but no user ever went to those websites directly and then clicked on your link. Nothing more fun than getting a really great link to your content, and then 1000 visitors come check out your site directly through that link.

    Also “Shut your baby up” made me LOL!

  • Jeffrey Lin

    Love that Panda update caused everyone to “do s*** real companies do”…in other words…integrate web and real life that people are using search for

  • Dean Thomas

    As an American manufacturer researching a subject matter (post Penguin/Directory Links EtAl) watching this video was PURE GOLD.
    So all I have to do is create my business and quite worying about all this technical crap–sounds fun!
    Thanks Wil!

  • Jason Nelson

    Some more great tips here. Link building def. requires more creativity now, which should make for a better Web, as long as value is still being provided.

  • Mike Du Toit

    The Brands that I work for (real company shit) didn’t get effected at all, so I think this latest update was a good thing.

    This was a cool presentation though; my side of things doesn’t involve link building, but its goof to have ideas like this, in case it comes up.

    Wish I was in the states; I would definitely apply for a job at SEER!

  • Mike Du Toit


  • Thomas

    DAmn Will….freaking great little sermon. You Rock. I always love your link building stuff. And you’re pretty funny too. Keep it up and keep giving us the link building gold!

  • RicDeb

    Very good and well presented material! And now excuse me…it’s time to search and rank search and rank.

  • franck

    I use the google doc plugin (to export followers & friends) to stalk my competitors twitter profile; and at the end I have 30 000 urls of sites that I could contact for contests, badges, product reviews, etc. These advices that you heard here are real and you an use them to beat the competition

  • Guillermo Ortiz

    “Shut your baby up”. Haha. Just plain awesome video with great suggestions and insights.

  • wilreynolds

    Joe, just now getting to respond, so sorry. I find that the real companies who got hit by penguin, ultimately had bad / aggressive SEOs. I’ve seen a LOT of people hit, and 99% of the time it was bc of blatant lack of any quality links. When you coming to the church bro?

  • Philip Rudy

    to be honest though. looking at seer’s backlink profile, this video sounds quite a bit hypocritical

  • Justin Lewis

    Excellent! #RCS is seriously the way to go and I agree 100%. I’ve never been fond of the black hat methods that most marketers are using. I am building a real company.

  • Raffael Schulz

    In a world where best means funniest AND most informative this is one of the best SEO talks I have ever seen.

  • Chad Henkel

    I like it Wil, preach!

  • Ralph Newman

    In a “real company” you can’t use four letter words. Too bad, there are some great concepts here, but the juvenile use of obscenities, make it not usable in an HR environment. And the words add no “content”.