• William Rufino

    I hope someday we here in Brazil will get good content like that!

  • Sal Hakim

    I really enjoyed this article because so many smaller businesses wonder how do they even begin to compete against the big brand, in this case Rosetta Stone. I think so many seo’s jump to the conclusion that they need to build links in quantity from high authority sites without looking at if that link is associated with great content which can naturally lead to more shares and links. Again thanks for this great story.

  • Dave

    i like what Purna is saying in this video it is very true of the web and how essentially Google want the internet to be and that is great high quality content that users will want to link back to time and time again I like the fact that she briefly mentions info graphics as they are a great tools for getting quality natural linkbacks to your site, great video thanks for posting

  • Philip Rudy

    hell yeah elance!