• Spook SEO

    “One line might help push down another competitor just below the page break.” – Very true! Hahahah… Though I didn’t quite thought of it that way. I was thinking more along the lines of having the one line convince your possible readers to click.

    But considering how 1 line can infact push your competitors down is also a logical way of looking at it. :)

  • Tweed Solutions

    All so very true. Great informative post.


  • Ben Donahower

    Love it when little changes result in big wins!

  • disqus_W4KjfaOksA

    Excellent post, Adam. I didn’t know that Google blanked out quotation marks. In relation to re-using a manufacturer’s product description for the meta description, I always thought this would be frowned upon by Google, so have never done it.

  • Amelia Olivia

    No calls to action. Meta Descriptions or SEO descriptions should be maximize. Indeed, use call to action phrases with the combination of primary and long tail keywords.

  • TheFran

    Hi, thanks for the great advise.

    So when I create content, does it matter if I put the key phrase in quotation marks or not? Ex. I am trying to monetise a certain key phrase like the Batman vs Superman Movie. Should I put the phrase in quotation marks every time I create a post?

  • Adam Melson

    Hi TheFran – thanks for reading & for the comment. That quotations issue should only impact the meta description. Outside of writing grammatically correct posts, ie using quotes when quoting someone, I don’t see any benefit to using quotations in the content of the page.

  • TheFran

    Thanks Adam. Makes sense…

  • Kevin Ross

    Thanks you @Adam Melson. Its very helpful article. I’ll try for my bridal sarees project.