• Chase Anderson

    What, #CEOSwap? Awesome. I hope you both share all the learnings from this experiment. I’m sure it’ll be fun, meanwhile the rest of the world will wait and watch.

  • Brad Mook

    Love that you’re doing this. Can’t wait to hear how it goes…

  • Samuel Lavoie

    Awesome Transparency. Can’t wait to see the learnings from this by you and the teams!

  • Rand Fishkin

    If I do a good job, can I get you to never call me “Fish” again? :-)

    Thanks Wil – this is great advice and much appreciated. I’ll try to reciprocate on my blog tomorrow!

  • Rich Voller

    I am so surprised not more people have commented on this. While this is a list of instructions for Rand, it is also truly a 101 on how to run a business the ‘right’ way. Great read.

  • Louis-Philippe Dea

    Same thing here! Perfect example of transparency, love the idea.

  • Patrick Coombe

    Nice, for some reason I thought this had happened already.

    Very much looking forward to a gut level honest summary of how it went from both ends.

    Good luck fellas!

  • Danny Howard

    Thanks for sharing Wil. I think it’s fantastic at what you guys are doing. Good luck and can’t wait to hear how it went for you both.

  • Brian Cornwell

    Beyond loved reading this. For a moment there I actually felt like I was in Wil’s shoes since he’s so honest and open about his business. It’s exactly how you run a company with good principals and positive personal character; I can tell it’s genuinely rewarding. But what stood out the most aside from the “CEO swap”, was that you mentioned you encouraged taking risk, and to be creative and experiment. For me personally, I believe that’s the cornerstone toward finding the treasures of success and building a closer team, but it’s rare to come across that. You are both leading as pioneers of the industry, and it’s these sorts of things that inspire all of us. Looking forward to what comes next from you two. Thanks Rand and Wil!