• Keith McGinnis

    Psyched to see this live! Can’t wait to continue expanding and see some traction!

    Thx Wil,


  • eric hebert

    Bravo Will. It’s nice to see someone who has “klout” in the SEO community step up and talk about doing some REAL MARKETING, and not just blabbing about SEO this and social media that. I’ve been preaching about this to clients for a long time now. Create a real message and do real marketing and you’ll reap the rewards that SEO and Social Media can bring. Otherwise you can let the door hit you on your way out.

  • tonyknuckles

    Trying to get my #RCS in order from some really good brands that are looking for bloggers..Ideas?

  • jeffjgold

    This looks awesome! Well done Wil and team.

  • krisjanis gale

    in other words… no time for foolin’ around, step your game up…

  • Rhea Drysdale

    This is stellar. Proof of concept. Proof of value and work that your team can be proud of which is priceless. Great job guys!

  • Markus Allen

    Yo Wil (as we say here in Philly).

    Very cool infographic…

    … I’ve embedded it on my SEM RoundUp here:

    And (even better), I’ll make it go viral here:

    (I’m the curator of the World’s Largest Collection of SEM infographics.) Feel free to steal my tweetable data if you’d like, Wil.

    With that said, I’m afraid the way your embedded section is formatted is going to hurt your viral effort…

    … It’s using “Smart Quotes” (quite possibly the worst invention ever) and these formatted quotation marks breaks your iframe code – it shows up as a 404 error.

    Also, I’d highly recommend making the width of your infographic 587 pixels wide (by the same height of 587 pixels).

    Surprisingly, no one talks about an infographic-size standard. But this size works well for me (and converts all submissions to this size, too).

    This standard size makes it most compatible with most blog templates. Anything bigger and the graphic overlaps the sidebar area. You might want to pass this on to O3 World.

    Also, I think I found an easy-to-fix typo:

    Beginning in August Adobe will take 9% of revenue for flash developers
    (I think you meant to use the word “from”, not “for”).

    Make those tweaks and this infographic goes viral!

  • wilreynolds

    @facebook-1457211426:disqus – you know what I really should look more into the pixel thing, smart! Thanks for that feedback. Good to know about the smart quotes too, THANK YOU!! I have gotten so much feedback on how to improve, I think I gotta get my next one ready soon :)

    @tonyknuckles:disqus maybe we can tackle that in a bit, I am pretty busy right now sorry buddy.

    @twitter-4944111:disqus right? Thats the plan man, lets stop being the industry of short cuts you know?

    @twitter-189555320:disqus already working on round 2 now :) Got some great feedback to incorporate too.

  • Justin Lewis

    Great share. I heard this in the video and really enjoyed it. I actually built my business in a similar way by typing in google and just using the related results for pages.

  • musa mahid

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  • Guest

    As always, another great link building idea from Wil and crew! Please do another post in a month or so showing the results. It would be fantastic to get a few SEOs together to try some different link building strategies such as this, and track the results over time for everyone to see. And maybe gain a few links along the way…

  • George Revutsky

    Great work! ps: is not actually a non-profit. They just have the .org name. But they were incorporated as a for profit in 1999. .

  • Justin Lewis

    Hmmm. I didn’t even know that, great share. I knew they were making money, just didn’t know they were for profit.

  • Matt Antonino

    You can use * on Uber??? omgwtfbbq!!11 Are there other commands that actually work?

    I have not had any success with hyphens to remove words. “how does * make money -google” Sorry, no suggestions for this query.

    Square brackets sort of work: [RD]ead = read and dead … but mostly red dead.

    ^ sort of works as well. ^alk
    de valk alkmaar walk at nightI noticed ! gives different results, too. “face!” gives a different result than “face” I can’t figure out what it’s “doing” though.

  • ~e~

    One big question Will: What was the total cost to develop and promote this? Although it’s probably near impossible to measure exactly, can you estimate the ROI on this?


    Posting links on website which higher rank is always works

  • SRAD

    I might be an amateur…but this article was a total bouncer…can you please provide me with a simpler explanation!!!!!!