• Matt Ramos

    I see the same thing day in and day out. It’s really surprising how many sites aren’t even aware they don’t own the account or can’t get access to it. Also: Shame on any agencies or developers who are holding these hostage. Happens far to often.

  • Brandon Wensing

    I agree. Though in all fairness many of those cases are likely oversight by the agencies (though that helps differentiate the good ones from the bad!).

    In short, it helps to take a step back and look at things from a higher level. This approach can be applied to virtually anything!

    Thanks for the comment, Matt!

  • Dadie Host

    Brandon Wensing, you deserve praise keep up the good work, will look forward for your future work!

  • Gyi Tsakalakis

    This has always baffled me. Then there are the folks who own their accounts but freely email credentials to umbrella Google accounts. I guess it’s another area to chalk-up to the growing pains of the web…

  • Brandon Wensing

    Growing pains indeed! It all goes back to proper education of the client. These issues can be avoided if agencies do a better job of helping the client understand the product they’re paying for.

  • Nygel Rose

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  • dominique

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  • Tim Leighton-Boyce

    Thank you: now I have a definitive resource on this subject to point people at when they ask me.

    Here’s one other suggestion: when you’re creating the account do it using a generic company account, not one associated with an individual who may leave. The kind of thing I mean is ‘webmaster@’ ‘admin@’ ‘’ — you may well have a suitable account within your organisation. It’s the kind of thing IT departments are good at — it needs to be forwarded to a real human being, the routing needs to transfer when roles change and its existence needs to be documented.

    This account then becomes a super-administrator. It’s not used in every day life — you add extra ‘manage users, edit, etc’ administrators for that. This account exists as a default ‘owner’ of the GA account which can be used in emergency to sort things out if working accounts are deleted, forgotten. It happens. And even if you have a GACP take you through the steps to regain access that process can hit problems if, for example, your account contains data from an old site which you no longer control and can no longer prove ownership of. I’ve seen that happen more than once with accounts which are several years old – it turns out there is data in there which none of the current team know anything about.

  • Santosh wagh

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