• Micah Castro

    Maria, I think you’ve shared some great tips. The last one “Stop Editing Yourself” is probably my biggest hurdle. My tendency is to obsess over everything and I swear it take me ten times longer than just spilling thoughts onto the page and organizing them later. Sometimes making an outline and then going and filling in the parts that are easiest to come up with helps me with overall speed as well. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  • Maria

    Thanks, Micah! I definitely have the same tendency :) Making an outline is a great tip for organizing thoughts into something more coherent.

  • Ryan Glass

    Maria, great post! I’m sharing this with the interns on our team right now, hoping that they can form some good habits early.

    I also suggest crossword puzzles. I usually do the daily puzzle on the USA Today website, and find that it clearly improves both my active vocabulary and my analytical thinking. Whilst we may deal with both analysis and the creative process daily, I find these short exercises in the morning help to gain focus/clarity for the rest of the day.

  • Maria

    Ryan, yes! That’s a great way to take a break from work during the day while still keeping your mind sharp. I’m partial to logic puzzles, myself :)

  • Felix Brown

    Well you have given some of the nice tips. Thanks for it. I think I need to improve my skills over English now!