• Adrian Drysdale

    16.) Stats still take 24hrs to be updated. This is the reason I stopped using Google analytics.

    17.) I want to be able to track individual visitors. EG if Joe Bloggs visited my site April 10th at 9pm, I want to know what he typed into Google (and what country.. eg, etc) to get to my site.

  • Rick

    Very good review of the Google analytics function, very helpful.

  • Rebecca L.

    Last I checked, Google Intelligence flat out didn’t work yet, either. I also miss the ability to add pre-filtered reports to the dashboard.

  • Martijn

    Painfully true… all of it. Hopefully this will be fixed before it goes out of beta!

  • Rachael Gerson

    @Adrian Have to agree. Those weren’t included because they’re things I’ve come to expect from GA. I’d be *thrilled* to have your #16 & 17 reversed!

    @Rick Thanks!

    @Martijn I’m definitely hoping. There are a lot of people posting to the GA Analytics Beta forum with feedback, myself included, and Google has been pretty good at answering.

    @Rebecca Oh wow, I need to check out Google Intelligence. I’m guilty of still using the old GA for everything I actually have to get done, then switching to the new GA to figure out how it’s going to work. For the pre-filtered reports, right there with you (#6)!

  • James Svoboda

    Wow! Great GA usability analysis. I surely hope they address these prior to coming our of beta.

  • Rachael Gerson

    Update – Got some great feedback from Google after this post. From the above list, #1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15 are already being fixed, the rest were escalated.

  • Paula

    Definitely a great content!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Mark

    Great list. I’ve also noticed the ecommerce conversion data is a lot harder to find. It was 2 clicks away in the old version.

  • Shane

    100% agree and THANK YOU for putting this together with screenshots. I hope Google takes notice and addresses these issues…especially the first 4 important ones. I used the new interface just long enough to discover a few of these and immediately switched back to the old interface. The new version is a big step in the wrong direction for me.

  • Justin

    A million times yes. I thought I was going crazy for missing a lot of these, especially % change. Not to mention that a search filter in Content doesn’t total what is filtered.

  • Michael Martinez

    You cannot visit referring sites. They’re still stripping parameters off URLs. And on and on and on.

    Why do we have to write blog posts to ask the Google Analytics Team to fix stuff or to add stuff they should have added already?

    And who do we have to bribe to get rid of the AJAX?

  • Jaap Willem

    And what about the lack of weighted sorting. It’s driving me slowly but surely nuts :)

  • Micky Stuivenberg

    Great that someone addresses these and even better that from one of the comments above it seems that the Google Analytics is paying attention and addressing some of the issues.

    I feel they may have put out the beta version too soon – there are too many problems with it still and it’s scaring everyone into thinking the new version will take us back a few steps.

    The first issue I encountered that annoyed me enormously and you’ve partly addressed at point #9 is the navigation. To navigate to a different account/profile, there’s this tiny little box at the top that shows you just (parts of) a couple of accounts/profiles and you have to use both horizontal and vertical scrolling to see the full list. If you want to jump from one client to another quickly to see some stats, that’s incredibly frustrating. I do hope the GA team fixes that before coming out of beta!

  • Jesse DaCosta

    They should have just left it alone. Now they have gone and made it as user-unfriendly as the adwords keyword tool. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sure, adding new features over time is a must, but the old interfaces and functionality were great. The percentages not being included when compare date ranges is just mind boggling.

    If I wanted to struggle using analytics tools, I’d use Omniture or WebTrends, GA was easy and robust….was.

  • Rachael Gerson

    Thanks everyone for the feedback!

    @Mark – Agreed, and it’s also being pulled improperly into sections of GA that it shouldn’t be… Fixes coming soon!

    @Shane – Same. I’m spending most of my time in the old version, just switching to the new version to test things out. There are a few features I hoped to see in the new version that aren’t there, basic things that are currently being remedied through Firefox plugins.

    @Michael – I’ll actually give Google credit on this one. This is just the beta and it’s just being released to select users to test, help find the bugs. I love that Google was so responsive, replying about the post in just a few hours, and that certain Google team members are actively answering in the forums. I’ll add a few $$ to the non-AJAX bribe, though :)

    @Jaap – Too true! I love weighted sort. Now I’m wondering if I should update the post with everyone’s feedback in here, you all have some really great points!

    @Micky – The navigation is definitely frustrating. It’s too hard to get to the separate accounts/profiles, the clickable breadcrumb is missing, certain reports are now buried, etc.

    @Jesse – My hope is that everything we’re seeing is just temporary. I’m looking forward to all of this being fixed, Google continuing to release their new tools within GA, and finally posting my “15 Things I <3 About the New Google Analytics" post!

  • Matt

    @Adrian Drysdale
    If you get a hold of a Yahoo Web Analytics account, it takes care of your 16 & 17 points.

  • Bruno Lowagie

    In the past the Google Analytics team has been using iText® to create PDF output. So have Google developers in other teams:

    If PDF output is too hard to maintain, we at 1T3XT BVBA / iText Software Corp. would be very happy to assist the GA team. We noticed that the team has stopped upgrading after iText 2.1.6. Please note that the most recent iText versions offer much more functionality.

    If the GA team needs features that aren’t supported yet, our consultancy department would be eager to implement new functionality. Just contact us at:

    I’m the original author of iText®, I’m the founder of the iText companies, and I wrote two books about iText for Manning Publications.

  • John Allen

    Great write-up. I been stewing over these changes, but your writeup seems to have gotten Googles attention. – props!

  • Rachael Gerson

    Thanks John! I know Google’s working on making these changes, just waiting for them to start rolling these out. I’ve found a number of additional issues since this post. Just glad we still have the old GA while the new one is being perfected.

  • Jeremy

    I heard about iTrackerpro recently..An all in one easy to use, real time, tracking analytics, conversion and analysis software that can be setup in a matter of minutes without any major technical skills or having to download anything… Anyone else familiar?

  • Eric Brown


    Thanks for your post. I share a good number of our frustrations with the new beta. One of the major issues I have with beta that you have not listed is the omission of secondary drilldowns in Custom Reports. This is a feature I use on the fly to drilldown to the data needed on an ad-hoc basis.

    I’ve listed some of my other frustrations as well in another blog post. Take a look

  • Mars

    I hate the new GA. And I really miss the Export to PDF. I used that a lot.
    The only thing I like is the Real Time stats, assuming those are accurate.
    Other than that, there’s not much of an improvement from the older version.

  • Rachael Gerson

    Mars, the PDF Export should be coming in the next few weeks. And none too soon, as the old GA is being turned off in January!

  • Confused by new version

    I’m completely confused by the new version of Google Analytics. What’s happened to simple keyword stats? Why do the number of visits achieved by a keyword in the old version not add up to the same as clicks in the new? What’s happened to the bounce rate for keywords? Or, new visits, pages/visit, av time on site etc?

    Why can we no longer export a pdf (I know, it’s coming!)

    I’m sorry Google, I hate it and I hate to think of all the time you’ve spent developing it.

  • Rachael Gerson

    @Confused – There are still a lot of issues that Google’s trying to fix. My hope is just that everything gets fixed prior to the old version being turned off.

  • Robert

    Number one for me is the same as your Number one complaint @rachaelgerson namely PDF export. I’ll add number two as well – Schedule & Email Reports – oh and Number 3, Date-Over-Date Comparison. Sort it out Google!

  • Jen

    I think one of the biggest issues is right when you log in. If you manage multiple accounts and have them grouped, previously you could see visits, avg time on site, bounce rate and goals completed at login to your account (30 day view of everything in one place). This feature has been completely deleted in the new version. The Google Analytics ‘home’ button in the top left corner no longer works in the new version. And honestly seeing Google’s recently blog posts is not that important to me, at least not important enough to take up almost half of my screen. Hey Google – lose the plus expanders, users want information at top level whenever possible; lose the scroll bar – no one likes to scroll.

  • Jane

    Analytics is impossible to use now if you have more than one website being tracked.

    1. Do not see overall stat summary for all websites as before. Now you see a list only of your sites.
    2. You cannot export / import dashboards you create to apply to another website within your same account

    I hope they switch back to the old way, this is a disaster!

  • Ken

    My problem with the new interface is the usability factor. What’s with all the clicking to get to profiles? The usability factor is ridiculous. The old version, you had a nice dashboard upon instant log in, now when you log in, you’re faced with an ugly list of your profiles that requires two clicks just to get to. It’s ugly and just plain annoying. Also, when you go to the google/analytics log in page, how come we’re required to click a big blue button before logging in? Why doesn’t the log in form just show up on the analytics home page? Seriously google, major step backwards.

  • David

    Have been trying the new GA for some months but keep finding myself going back to old version because (a) it has PDF export [essential], (b) I find it easier to navigate – the new interface is much less logical to my way of thinking and (c) I monitor 4 websites and the summary page when logging in is often all I need to see on a day to day basis – it’s nowhere to be seen in the new one.

    I like the real-time option as it’s sometimes useful to show people what’s happening now but it’s actually not much more than a visual gimmick. The old version still gets me all the reports I need and in less time than the new. Long may the old version remain!

  • Michael Neal

    The dropping of PDF reports is absurd, as far as I’m concerned. especially as the CSV reports don’t work correctly!

    And the changes to the compare date functionality are terrible! It used to be easy to see where you were at, at-a-glance i.e. green means good, red means bad!

    I hope they listen to us before they launch next version!

  • Robert Dicks

    I have just logged into GA today (March 26th 2012) and at last Google has added the functionality to export to PDF as well as the ability to schedule emails. At last it was getting cumbersome switching back to the old interface when clients wanted quick reports!

  • Kier

    I can’t stand it either.

    I’m all for change too, if it’s for the better.

    It used to be great having basic information from all your sites appearing instantly on the first page.

    Now if you have more than one site you’ve got to click through a whole lot of junk just to see what you used to get in one click. A real pain in the backside and a waste of time.

    Bring back the old version.


  • Binjal

    Agree…pls bring back the old version…it takes a lot of effort to get just the basic information

  • Landon Poburan

    I agree. Number 1 and 2 were huge for me. I started using the new version and could no longer send my clients a graphical PDF. I could not believe it, the CSV exports were brutal and would not suffice.

    Luckily, I think the PDF export has been re-introduced.

  • Mackenzie

    Would love to see your post about the shiny new functions that you are enjoying :)

  • Jennie Dee

    I second everything that Kier said above, I so miss the listing of all my accounts with the essential info for quick comparison. It’s no fun at all, a dozen clicks for what used to be only one.

    It was a grim day when I could no longer click the old version link and get back the old one. Since then I’ve been forced to use the new one and I’m liking it less and less. Google seems to have thrown out everything that was good in terms of usability to me, it frustrates the hell out of me. I just want the old version back, they can keep all the shiny new features, I can’t find the old ones let alone the new ones! Horrible.

  • Rachael Gerson

    @Landon They have, which was such a relief. That’s the question I’ve been answering almost daily – “When are PDFs coming back?” – so getting to have a final answer to that was fantastic.

    @mackenzie Would you believe I gave an hour long presentation on that exact topic recently? :) It’s a bit much for a blog post!

    @Jennie Send me a message separately if you’re still having trouble. I’m happy to help. There’s a listing of accounts with some info in the new version, although either most people aren’t using it or don’t have it. We can take a look, see if you have access to it. The old version is still linked from the footer in GA, but just temporarily. This is a good time to get comfortable with the new version while having the old one available as a safety net.

  • ACP

    Real time tracking seems to be down at the moment. Anyone else having any issues with Analytics??