• Martijn van Vreeden

    I’m thrilled about these updates. I particularly LOVE that we can finally share dashboards. An excellent timesaver!

  • Dali Burgado

    Sharing advanced segments, what a beauty! AND my DREAM of dashboards being shared. I am a happy happy woman. LOL Thank you for the information, Rachael!

  • Jeff

    Bother about the % change, got so excited about that when I read the post from the other day….! Hopefully they bring that back. That and PDF export, and I’ll be happy as can be…. :)

  • Waheed

    I have been using the old version as have been used to it, if the new changes are so good may have to give it a go.

  • philbertabrwn

    Most of the people make use of old version of the analytics as they found the old version more helpful than the new version. But still new version has the more advanced features than old version and as people get to know about usage of features more that much of the people like to use the new version.

  • Ray

    Seems like Google has been making a number of changes lately. If it’s not Analytics, it’s Webmaster Tools, Gmail, or something. Analytics does seem to load a bit slower for me now, maybe it is just because the loading progress bar I don’t know. I guess sometimes it is necessary to give up a little speed for additional features.

  • Robin Jennings

    The share dashboard is a great idea. It is so important to keep track of.