• victorpan

    Wow, I haven’t seen PigeonRank mentioned in years!

    More seriously though, note that as you increase negative keywords, your QS will also go up because you’re decreasing irrelevant impressions will increase CTR. However, don’t just upload those free negative keyword lists you find on Google – actually think through the query intent of the user before you exclude them!

  • Aaron Levy

    A modern classic, right? :)

    Great point on negatives, and really on lists in general. No blind uploading/following/lemming behavior, make sure you think about things before you execute!

  • Emma North

    Haha PidgeonRank indeed!

    This post explains nicely and simply how Quality Score isn’t just a case of how good your ad is and actually has a direct effect on the bottom line through CPC. Frustrating when this message doesn’t seem to get through to people and you hear things like “I don’t care about the quality, I just want clicks as cheaply as possible”. Grrr…

    I wrote a post last month on causes of a low CTR ( which which essentially comes down to QS and related factors.

    Thanks for sharing Aaron.

  • Aaron Levy

    Agreed, tremendously frustrating but then again from Google’s perspective it sort of makes sense doesn’t it? Their goal is to make money, an quality score certainly rewards the ads most likely to do that.

    Great post as well; thank you for sharing!

  • Emma North

    Definitely makes sense; spend more and get more exposure. Nothing surprising or new there! :-)

  • Muhammed Riyas

    Good one Aaron. Here is my favourite infograph regrading Adwords auction

  • Aaron Levy

    Glad you enjoyed it. Love love love that infographic that the Wordstream team did – thanks for sharing!

  • dennis lape

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