• Joshua Cranmer

    You are my favorite person in the world right now. Huge U2 fan. This post is a Window in the Sky for agencies everywhere. Or as Bono might say, “This is really really…

  • Matt McGee

    Well done, Lana. “Magnificent” even. :-)


    Haha! Thank you, Matt. Well played, sir!


    Thanks so much, Joshua! I’m glad you found it useful AND entertaining. And oh, to be The Fly on the wall at those agencies! :) Thanks again for reading this and chiming in!

  • Jesse Stoler

    I have a lot of hipster friends and I live in a very hipster neighborhood. I typically have to shelter my enthusiasm for U2, for fear of being mocked. I loved this article :) If you have a twitter, “I Will Follow”

  • Nikko

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