• Dixon Jones

    Thank you for taking the time to talk about us, Thinkseer. We really appreciate it. I think both the “Good” and the “Bad” are fair points, but we have been working very hard on the “Ugly” – namely the timeliness of data. We think we have just about cracked it. Here’s what we have committed to:

    Monthly updates: We are now able to update our index monthly. The problem you are seeing is partly because we still keep data on expired indexes, but it is easy to filter these out. When you examine a domain in the control panel, simply go to options and exclude all deleted domains and all “mentions” at the very least. Then force a new analysis This reduces the number of backlinks counted, but improves the quality. Far better for analysis – unless you specifically want deleted links.

    Default Filters: In the near future, we will look to implement these filters by default – so that if you want to see deleted link, THEN you may need to filter and reanalyse the data, but by default, the deleted links are taken out of the analysis.

    We are quite excited about what we have got so far… but we promise not to rest on our laurels!