• Paul Thompson

    The above comment is a new wrinkle in comment-spamming software, Megan. The software finds an article with an open comment form, then randomly scrapes content from the article to insert in the comment, ending with an attempted link to their target spam site.

    So the comment has just enough randomization and topic-appropriate keywords to bypass the spam filters, and look semi-legit at a quick glance. So many site owners who don’t actually read and respond to each comment (news sites for example) will let it pass.

    Annoying, huh?

    By the way – really enjoyed your analysis of the Ebay situation. Really seems to reinforce that even enterprise PPC needs to start from a specific, targeted approach as opposed to shotgunning and hoping for value. And yea – specific is way harder than shotgun… but delivering real value usually is.


  • Megan Ginecki

    Hi Paul,

    Definitely, annoying! I thought it might be some sort of spam, but I just wanted to double check wasn’t sure if a copy/paste went array! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, I wanted to share an argument for both sides. I couldn’t agree with your sentiments more :)



  • Larry Kim

    good job megster

  • Megan Ginecki

    Hi Larry,

    Thanks! I loved the points you brought up in your blog as well, all items that definitely could have affected performance.


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