• Gloria Bell

    You are very welcome Wil. I am happy to see that our wonderful conversation promoted what I consider a very thought provoking piece.

  • Heather Padgett

    I’ve often wondered about a number of these… How do some people have so much time to spend on Twitter, when I am able to post minimally most days (because I’m busy!). Your ideas make a lot of sense there!

    I agree with the follower/following ratio ideas – Although I don’t have a lot of followers, I follow people who don’t follow me back (and I’m ok with that!) and I actively block some of the spammers who follow me – my numbers stay low by not being artificially inflated.

    I’m not certain about not using the term ‘speaker’ in your profile though. Some people are professional speakers (all they do somehow!) and having that in their profile makes sense. Not everyone content expert is a speaker just as not every speaker is a content expert, but if someone is willing to come out and say they are a speaker it makes it easier to find them when trying to fill a conference!

    Thanks for the insight, and I look forward to reading more!

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  • Beth Harte

    Wil, a great and timely post. Some of this we’ve heard before in the social media space, but it’s refreshing to hear it from an SEO expert like yourself.

    And thanks for listing me as an ‘expert,’ it’s appreciated. :) Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t call myself one…for some of the reasons you’ve listed. How can I be an expert if I am jet setting or chatting all day? Becoming an expert (if that’s even possible in the evolving field of marketing) is a lot of heads down hard work.

    This also touches on the conversation we had about the lack of people to refer. Sure, I know a ton about people, but nothing about what they have done strategically to make me want to refer them. I feel a post coming on!

    Have a great weekend Wil!

  • Patrick Tigue

    Excellent post as always Wil. I remember the days when the feed count read 11 total. Glad to see you guys are doing so well. Keep killing it my man!



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  • Sweet Spot Marketing, Nancy Beth Guptill

    This is a really good blog post, and I completely agree about @ing … why are people having public conversations that are meant for private. Businesses need to be careful in who they choose as their social media strategist – the information you have provided is excellent in qualifying and distinguishing between the groupie, chatty cathy and the strategist. I just wrote a blog post on the same topic called “Avoid Being A Chatty Cathy with Pointless Tweets, Peeps and Updates”.

  • Wil Reynolds

    Hi Nancy, glad you agree, and glad you liked the piece, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

  • AutoEng on Twitter

    Great work, I love the social media roundup….thanks…