• Scott Taft

    Great post Dana! IFTTT is a gift from the gods. It’s a definite lifesaver for monitoring clients and competitors. Loved the weather recipe for seasonally affected clients – very smart.

  • Ryan Glass

    Thanks for the amazing resource, Dana. I was actually just watching the YouTube video were Wil brings up using IFTTT and Evernote for competitor email marketing and jumped into it last week. The tips/recipes you give above have already helped me expand my thinking on the topic.

    One small problem, looks like Page2RSS doesn’t like the Open Site Explorer Just Discovered page. When I tried to create a feed for the Just Discovered tab (brilliant idea, btw), it says “Forbidden URL”.

  • Jacek Wieczorek

    Same for me. Forbidden URL for OSE, and out of limits for majestic.

  • Sambarnes90

    Hi Dana – Great post!

    The one problem I’m having at the moment is with the:

    “Find out when a new site links to your competitor” recipe.

    When attempting to RSS feed the ‘Just Discovered’ tab in Moz, I get a ‘Forbidden’ error in Page2RSS …

    Any ideas why it wouldn’t be working?

  • Dana F.

    Very strange – it worked when we first tested it a while back. I’ll try to find an alternative solution and update the post.

  • Dana F.

    Yeah, that’s very weird as it worked when we were testing the recipes. I’m going to figure out an alternative and update. Thanks so much for letting me know!

  • Dana F.

    I’m glad you found it useful!

  • Jeremy Niedt

    I got it to work by trimming out the page and protocol from the URL, does not return a forbidden error. Unsure if it works, but Page2RSS does generate a feed.

  • Suraj G

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  • Chad Jones

    IFTTT is fantastic at helping aggregate data and keeping a pulse on our digital assets and our competitor’s vitals The tracking competitors assets is genius.

  • Jeniece from

    “Gift from the gods” — couldn’t agree more!

  • Daniel Boswell

    There is another service very similar called I found out about it through a MailChimp article. Anyone used that service and can compare it to IFTTT? I haven’t used either yet but this article perked my interest but I’d like to know if its a better choice than zapier.

  • Daniel Boswell

    I’m sorry I mean I learned about it through a article about integrations.

  • Dana F.

    Thanks, Chad!

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  • Shivbhadra Gohil

    I faced the same.

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