• matthiaswh


    Many people hear “you should be A/B testing!” repeatedly, and so they finally give it a try. But they do it without a clear idea of what they should test or why they should test it. So the results are inconclusive, mixed, or they just don’t wait around long enough to get any.

    In my opinion, the first step to testing should always be to formulate a hypothesis. This data could give a great start toward asking the right questions to begin testing.

    I also love seeing Analytics being used in unique ways!

  • matthiaswh

    Also, I’d love to see this as a plugin for Gravity Forms…

  • iamchrisle

    Great idea. I’m familiar with Gravity Forms but haven’t dug into it’s code and I’m not a WordPress expert but I believe most well supported plugins and WordPress itself have PHP hooks that allow you to edit the output of the tags before it’s rendered to the screen.

    Knowing that, you could alter the tags to add an attribute like in my example (“data-ga-label”) and capture the data on how the form gets used.

    If anyone has any best practice ways of doing this, I would love to hear it.

  • Ryan

    These are the kinds of posts that make SEER world class. Well done!

  • Jim

    I just stumbled across this post and was thinking the same thing about integrating with Gravity Forms. Does anyone know how this might be done?