• AJ Ghergich

    Very interested in this topic. We do a ton of paid social promotion as well for Visual Assets.

    Quick question on the links gained. Did you look at similar posts on the same sites you promoted that had acquired similar numbers of social shares through other means (non paid) and compare how many links those pages gained?

    So for instance…looking at say 10 similarly successful posts on the sites you promoted could give you an idea if your link gain was more than average for the site under similar circumstances.

  • Graham Hunter

    Thanks Andrew and Brandon, I had not heard of Taboola and glad to see real results listed. I am wondering if you’ve ever tried Onespot for content promotion. Results?

  • Andrew Meyer

    Great point! Thanks for the feedback, AJ. That sounds like a great way to benchmark the progress you are making against your natural (non paid) progress. I’m going to dive into that now. Any specific promotion sites you’ve seen work better?

  • Andrew Meyer

    Hi Graham! We have not tried Onespot yet, but we will definitely be keeping them on the radar. I saw that you wrote about them in the past. Have you ever tested any content promotion with them or have any results? Would love to test a few more companies.

  • Graham Hunter

    Wow, thanks for checking it out. No, I have not tried them, I have done a bit of it by hand though, usually on a site by site basis, and it works pretty well. I am not a fan of Outbrain because they just kinda blast you all over the inernet. With this method, you can choose the sites more carefully. Also, AdsNative is a good platform for adding your content to mobile feeds. (make sure your site is mobile ready though, obviously)

  • AJ Ghergich

    I dabble in almost all of them from time to time but Facebook tends to be one I always come back for. I love using where people work to target newspaper editors or people who work at Mashable etc.

    So many amazing things you can do with targeting to put your content in front of bloggers or editors in your client’s niche.

  • Chris Sanfilippo

    How did outbrain perform in comparison to nRelate?

  • Spook SEO

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  • Wes

    I’d love to see the quality of the referring domains for the posts promoted on nRelate and Taboola. I’ve been promoting content with content discovery platforms for over a year now. We get links but theyre definitely not high quality. I wouldnt target the same prospects in a link building campaign.

  • Andrew Meyer

    Hey Chris! Outbrain had slightly higher quality of traffic than nRelate, sending visits from sites like CNN & Time. We found nRelate to work very well within the tech/gaming industry. Have you had solid results with any of these sites?

  • Andrew Meyer

    Great point! Including an email signup when visitors arrive, will allow you to capture their attention & increase engagement further down the road.

  • Guest

    By merely fixing the way your content looks like, you already have the
    chance to nail a lot of visitors in just a few entries. Always remember to post
    content that is easier to read. Unless you are doing it academically, then,
    leave the job to the aesthetics.

  • Andrew Meyer

    Wes – Thanks for reaching out! I’d say its about 50/50 between links that are solid and some that are not as great. As long as the content is fresh and put in front of the right eyes content promo should help it to take off. We are looking to release a few additional posts around our experiences here, so I’ll make sure to at least touch on the quality in the future!

  • Andrew Meyer

    Great point. The more visual and easy to digest quickly, the better engagement we’ve seen across multiple content platforms.

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