• Barker

    This new feature is probably named incorrectly. I don’t think Google’s “reading level” relates to the actual reading level or education of the reader.

    I believe they are categorizing more along the lines of the general complexity of the content as it relates to a specific topic.

  • Dave Hitt

    I just use the HubSpot Grader Report at which, by just entering one’s URL, will likewise assess reading level…

  • Leslie Fry

    I feel dense — I have a Mac and I have Word 2011 and I checked the Readability box in Preferences. Then I copied and pasted a document into a new one, and went to Tools and selected Spelling and Grammar, and all that comes up is to check Spelling or Grammar, no Readability Statistics . . . I’m sure there’s something very simple I’m not doing . . .

  • BlahBlooThisIsWeaksauce

    Ah, the thing’s algorithm is garbage anyway, unable to accurately calculate short/long sentences and paragraphs—that is, if you have dialogue and somebody simply says—


    —it regards that as a one-sentence paragraph and a one-word sentence, thus the average decreases. It really ought to give more “points” to long sentences/paragraphs and, the more that they appear in a writing, the less it ought to give regard to shorter sentences/paragraphs, for adding the single-sentence paragraphs of dialogue or the single-word sentences of drama should not turn something like Joris-Karl Huysmans’ work to a middle school reading-level text.

  • BlahBlooThisIsWeaksauce

    You need to go all the way through the “Check Spelling/Grammar” and it will show as a popup at the end. This article doesn’t do a very good job at explaining that for Mac users.

  • elizabds

    Agree with Leslie…checked box and nothing happened. Waited (and waded) through spell check too and my document with some 16,000 words returned a readability score that only considered 243 or so words. Huh? Tried it again and again and couldn’t get the feature to return a new score. Frustrating, but if it worked, that would be another story…

  • elizabds

    I take that back. Document has close to 6,000 words. typo above.