• Rodrigo Stockebrand

    Very interesting test, Chris. Especially once you begin to look at the keyword-level changes, and the need to continue making ad groups more focused around just a handful of keywords with a sole dedicated landing page. I also think you’re hinting at the larger opportunity of creating a hybrid search model between SEO and paid search, which complimented by social, will be (IMO) the future of search.

  • Chris

    Great results.

  • Brahmadas

    Really good post, let me read other posts also, coming back

  • CMS Buffet

    Great test case. I am happy to hear this is allowed. Sometimes clients want “impossible” fonts. This might be a valid solution.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Chris_LaRoche

    Thanks Rodrigo. Interesting thoughts on a hybrid ppc/seo/social model. But definitely seeing the importance of keyword/landing page continuity based on these results!

  • Chris_LaRoche

    Thanks! We were glad to hear that it was not against the rules to do this. Though our rep did indicate we might not get _maximum_ results. But what we’re seeing is definitely encouraging!

  • Caroline Constable

    Great piece of work for PPC but really I’m shocked that anyone from Google would say that effectively hiding text would not be against their guidelines. Kind of goes against all my SEO learnings over the past 10 years.

  • Vanessa Fox

    When you say this: “placed it within the code on the back end of the page.” Do you mean you placed the text in ALT attributes associated with the jpgs? Or how did you implement the code? (I’m also a bit curious as to how the scope of this work was less than simply replacing the jpgs with HTML text would be.)

  • Jim Thornton

    Thanks for the post. I think a big takeaway from this is the potential effect on a prospective client’s bottom line who’s already using someone else or managing their own ppc campaign… and adding quality score optimization benefits in the proposal. This would be great especially for cutthroat commodities type markets online. Could be the difference between profit and breaking even when the margins are only 3-5%.

  • Chris_LaRoche

    Hi Caroline,

    You’re right that it is a bit shocking. That’s why I made sure to check with my rep. I should clarify that what I was told was that doing this would not violate any AdWords policies. If these pages were being indexed for SEO purposes, it probably wouldn’t have worked out. But as a PPC landing page, I was told we would not be in violation.

  • Chris_LaRoche

    Hi Vanessa,

    Good questions. Sorry for being vague about how the code was implemented.
    Not being a programmer, I didn’t want to get into specifics of aspects I didn’t
    totally understand how they were carried out. Looking back at my notes from
    when we implemented the changes, the client used the CSS and just transcribed the
    text that was in the images and placed it clandestinely on the page where users
    would not see it but the bots could crawl it. If you disable CSS on the landing
    page, all of the text that was within the images can be viewed on the page as

    As for why this scope of work was less than replacing the
    jpgs with HTML – it was a matter of cost. The designer/programmer quoted the
    work to do this as less than a full conversion from jpgs to HTML.

    In addition to the encouragement of our rep, we also referenced this
    Google support page
    that mentioned that hidden text used to improve accessibility
    on pages that rely on images would not be considered deceptive and against
    Google policies. Since this was for PPC, not trying to influence SEO search rankings, and we weren’t trying to be deceptive at all, we felt like it was worth a shot to see what would happen.

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