• Chris Hills

    Great post thanks for sharing, very informative

  • Anita Clark

    Headed over to check out the Google Data Highlighter…completely missed this when it came out last month. Thanks.

  • Neil Ferree

    Structured Data + Rich Snippets seem to be an effective and simple set-up for anyone

  • ToBeinformed

    Well, I’m ignorant about these things and willing to admit it. how do I find the right information to help me to utilize rich snippets and structured data?

  • Bronson

    Structured data is definitely something which is gaining momentum, that why I included it in my hot topics to watch for trends in 2013

  • RankWatch

    Very accurate article. Structured data, Should not be a tall order for people with non-SEO knowledge. It basically refers to organized or optimized data with a clear set of link buildings.

  • Barry Adams

    That’s “Gangnam Style”, Wil. But yes, structured data doesn’t come easily – even for non-techie SEOs.

  • RankWatch

    Yes I totally agree with you Neil. Google is really helping people getting more relevant results and most of them on the search page itself via its knowledge graph, definition cards etc. With Authorship markup they have really gone a long way in personalisation and in helping the websites in improving the CTRs. Ratings help users on which result to click, links to event timings and an option to play a song on the search result page really make users get the desired result on the search result page itself. Hope other search engines do focus mainly in making the marketers implement the rich snippets on their sites.

  • David Gould

    Some great examples of structured markup in action.I agree that it behooves Google to lower the bar of entry to get it implemented.

  • joshpatterson

    I think this tool is a great step for Google. Schema markups are confusing even for seasoned web pros. The highlighter tool seems like a brilliant solution for implementation for all skill levels. Well done.

  • Adele Tiblier

    If In-House and/or Enterprise SEOs haven’t managed to incorporate this into their site yet, then this is the project worth fighting to get the resources for. Thanks for the breakdown; I was particularly fond of your use of a New Orleans musician – Kermit Ruffins – as the someone who is rocking the event metadata markup.

  • Ruud Heijnen

    Thanks for this info. I wanted to start with data highlighting but data highlighter doesn’t show any content in our website. For example this page in data highlighter it shows an empty page with no content. Do you guys know what is going wrong?