• Ferdous

    You are Amazin Annie!

  • Travis Wright

    This is the most amazing thing. I think Annie is the Bobby Fischer of Excel. Wow.

  • George Andrews

    Annie, these tips are so great. Thank you! I will be using them for years I’m sure so will probably just bookmark this page so make sure to keep it around :).

  • Aditya Kumar

    how do I view this. Pwd?

  • Sansar Gupta

    How do i get a Password….please help

  • Annie Cushing

    The password is mozcon.

  • Annie Cushing

    Awesome! I’m glad it helped, George. :)

  • Annie Cushing

    Haha! Best compliment ever. :)

  • Annie Cushing

    I do what I can … :)

  • Nitin Jain

    This is awesome! Thanks Annie, you rock :)

  • Rick Noel, eBiz ROI, Inc.

    Awesome guide Annie. Wished I had been at Mozcon to see the magic in action. This post is darn near an ebook. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow. I definitely learned a few new tricks. Thanks for sharing. (#bteam #lamesandwich #LOL!)

  • Gert Hansen

    Great guide – I knew most of it, but I picked up some nice tricks and shortcuts though – thanks!

    Regarding Step 8 though, it isn’t that “weird” that Mac removes the checkbox, since the checkbox indicates “auto”, which you overrule by defining a certain value.

  • Paul Thompson

    Great work & really useful, Annie – wow!

    Just a heads-up though that clicking on the images leads to a 404 instead of an enlarged image. The links don’t seem to be to image files?

  • Annie Cushing

    Someone from SEOmoz asked me to make the post public this week, and that appears to have broken all the image links. That same thing happened when I set the post to private, so this will be my third time uploading all the images. In the meantime, if there’s one you’d like to see you can email me at, and I’ll get it to you.

  • Annie Cushing

    Excel for Mac is clearly Microsoft’s lowest priority. You don’t even want to get me started. My goal here was to give Mac users as many tips as possible to prevent the headaches I’ve encountered.

  • Annie Cushing

    Thanks, Rick! Glad it helped. :)

  • Annie Cushing

    D’aww :)

  • Annie Cushing

    It’s open now.

  • Paul Thompson

    Oh man, that’s gotta suck! The only reason I mentioned it was that I’d noticed it had been referred to at SEOMoz and so thought some new folks might be coming by.

    Appreciate the offer to send an image. I’m going to reread and work through the examples over the next couple days. If I get stuck needing an image for further help, I’ll help ya know.

  • anshulgautam

    That’s really awesome Annie! Thanks for sharing this post. I am gonna be the most frequent user of these reports :)

  • Dana Tan

    Hi Annie,
    Thanks so much for this post and the great presentation at MozCon. It’s taken me until today to sit down and really do it…but I did…and WOW. Now I am dashboard-creating Excel Diva! So many fun things to try. I still haven’t quite got the knack of putting the right things together to get great insights, but I’m on my way.

    Since I am an in-house SEO, what are 3 elements of a dashboard that you think might be most useful to a CEO? Just curious. Thanks again,

  • Annie Cushing

    Awesome! Music to my ears. :)

  • Annie Cushing

    Hey Dana! If you are tracking ecommerce, I’m a big fan of financial KPIs. Otherwise, monitoring bounce rates for landing pages is huge. I look at my most important landing pages, segment by medium (social, organic, ppc, etc.), and look for the ones with high bounce rates. Then I set up A/B testing to improve them. It allows you to squeeze more awesome out of the traffic you’re already getting and affords you the opp to find things that are borked on your pages, like a malfunctioning form field. I had a client lose thousands of dollars b/c they combined all their state landing pages into one landing page but forgot to update the state drop-down. So if you weren’t from Alaska you couldn’t complete the transaction. #truestory If you have any further questions, feel free to reach me at anniec(at)!