• Jody

    Awesome post from the best SEO company, thanks Wil. You guys did a bang-up job whipping the development vendor’s platform into shape with this particular seasonal project. So well in fact, they’ve re-written much of their system. ;)

  • Wil Reynolds

    That’s why we’re looking to partner with an e-commerce provider that doesn’t do SEO :)

    Thanks for dropping by, glad to see someone reads this other than my mommma! :)

  • Igor The Troll

    I would recommend making a custom product not found page where a product that has been discontinued be replaced with suggested products in the same category.

  • Hummerbie

    Excellent post, great information for a new site i am working on.

    I especially liked the part of developing copy for the category pages.
    Now I can show my client exactly what I was telling him from an indepent source, thank you!
    You just made my live a little easier.

  • wil

    Igor, good call my friend! Now that could be automated, by getting an idea on what products are most similar, then it could swap those in on the fly. But then again the automated SEO software would need to interface with the e-commerce system pretty well, right?

  • wil

    Hummerbie, glad I could help you out. It is a hard fight to fight, but trust me some of these companies are Trolls (no offense igor). They get success in one area, and sell it to your competitors. Shady!!

  • Igor The Troll

    wil, I would say to do a custom product not available page that recommends an alternative product, you should build a plugin for a few major shopping carts, and put it out there.

    Maybe even give it away, to drum up some PR.

    I’ve built an anti Spam filter for forums and blogs that I am giving away.

  • Mike

    Thanks for the great post. I have been inspired to dig into my shopping cart software and not just live with the template because it’s an easy thing to do…

  • Mike


    Also gave you an “editors choice” on