• Adrian Drysdale

    Yahoo and Bing are severely underrated. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Bing search partners. Will be seriously checking it out though. Cheers.

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    @Adrian I am glad you found my post helpful. Definitely pull a placement report ASAP, typically you’ll find a lot of low quality sites that may eat up your budgets. However, there are definitely some sites that may work for you as described in the post.

  • Uri Kartoun

    I developed a related tool for comparing mutual funds and etfs:

    The user needs to specify the symbol of one mutual fund/etf to receive similarly behaving other financial instruments. In case similarly behaving patterns are found, the user receives information on their benefits (for example, less risky, lower fees, higher return, etc.).

    That’s an example for OIL:

    Your opinions and suggestions to improve the tool are welcomed.