• Benjamin Beck

    Nice catch Chad! Thanks for sharing.

  • Raj

    Good info. If you have consulted a client to improve their SEO with video snippets and they are gone now, how do you explain to the client that their investment is now lost?

  • chadgingrich

    Great question. I don’t think video snippets were ever meant to improve SEO in the sense that they pushed rankings. There’s the CTR argument depending on the intent of the keyword (are they looking for a video or something else?), but I think how big of an impact that has will be something we’ll have to monitor of the coming weeks.

    I think the overall strategy stays the same, video has value beyond just getting a thumbnail in the SERPs. If the client is only producing videos so they get a little image when someone searches, that’s the wrong approach. Depending on the gravity of this potential change, I think it makes an even stronger case to produce for YouTube.

  • Bipper Media

    Great article! I had well over 100 client landing pages in play leveraging video thumbnail images. These played a very big role, especially since June 25th when Google removed authorship. But with video thumbnails now gone, the focus should be two fold: 1) continue with your high quality SEO efforts. Now that everyone is on a level playing field regarding their exposure in organic search, the top 3 rankings are critically important because this is where the majority of click thru rates occur, and 2) Youtube, I believe, takes on a much more important role for video marketing and branded exposure (video thumbnails in search). This is actually a good thing because, according to my client’s data, pages that have an embedded Youtube video, and the Youtube video description has a link to the client’s landing page, tend to rank better and faster in SERPs.

  • Greg Kristan

    I normally would be mad at this but working in SEO it just seem like daily kicks to the groin at this point from Google

    I still will use platforms like Wistia where the video file is readable unlike embedding a video from YouTube and having that as an i-frame on your site

    I think YouTube should be it’s own strategy and should just be a way to attract a difference audience, not to be your video strategy for your site as well.

    If this becomes a fact I would love to hear from Google how video snippets somehow made it worse for users when they searched for how to searches

  • Sören

    Here is some data from a sample of 10.000 videos. result is 44% loss of snippets and overall huge gain (less affected) for youtube… who would have guessed:
    Also does look like Google “cleaned up” lots of domains showing their own video snippets within the SERPs.

  • Nathan Grimm

    I’ll be sure to give Google and Youtube the disadvantage of ambiguity on this one. This is a very similar change to the removal of authorship pictures. It should also increase CTR for Google ads. Until they offer some data as why this is a better design for users, I think the most likely theory is that it makes them more money.

  • Michael Martinez

    I take full credit for this debacle. I told everyone to use their video snippets to substitute for Authorship pictures in the SERPs and you all listened to me. That was quick….

  • Dianne

    Thanks for confirmation on this. I noticed all my video snippets have disappeared and have been searching for the past couple days for any info and you guys are the only post I’ve found so far. I knew google was up to something. Ba$#rds! My rankings remain the same but never-the -less my traffic has dipped. Keep up the good job guys ! I’Ll check back for any updates.

  • chadgingrich

    Thanks! I think it’s going to be really interesting to monitor the effect this indeed has on CTR. I’m anxious to analyze this data across our clients in the coming weeks.

  • chadgingrich

    Totally agree…there are different reasons for going the YouTube route vs. site hosting. Phil’s Mozcon presentation was great at articulating this.

  • chadgingrich

    Thanks! This is great data analysis.

  • chadgingrich

    Couldn’t agree more Nathan….time will tell how big of a difference this makes for sites that were relying heavily on snippets.

  • chadgingrich

    Way to go Michael! So we can blame you on this one? haha

  • chadgingrich

    Keep us updated and be sure to let us know if you start to lose any rankings.

  • chadgingrich

    Thanks Ben! :)

  • stukerr

    I’ve notices this as well – i’m hoping that, at least in the EU, someone launches a legal challenge as it’s clearly anti-competitive to be showing YouTube snippets but not those from other sites.

  • DaveKeys

    My response to John Meuller: It still looks to me like Google has gentrified the search results. We groundlings and penny stinkards have been purged. Once again, the brands have it and everybody else has been relegated to have not status. Show me a regular Joe blog or website that still gets video snippets for embedded HTML 5 video. +John Mueller

  • Sukhpreet Kaur

    Google is making changes in the SERPs, I noticed that Authorstats is removed from the Google Webmaster Tools this morning. Did anyone see the change?

  • Jon J.

    Yea, this sucks. The little guys are suffering. My site is a video index, and now that Google has changed everything to help the big fish make more money, my site has lost all video snippets on SERPs. So, of course I’m going to lose to YouTube and way bigger competitors now. Thanks Google, thanks a bunch.

  • Sana Khan

    I Really Love this post but here is my simple question that howeget the answer. I mean what is the process of getting photo in Research in Reality. Is it possible or not.

  • Rick Kelly

    Any idea whether Bing and Yahoo are also following suit? Does this make it difficult or impossible as you see it to get video on the 1st page of Google SERP?