• goodnewscowboy

    Great points Will. I’m in complete agreement with you. Aside from honesty being the best policy as a life lesson, it is something that pays dividends when employed in business.

    To completely co-opt a saying, “‘Tis far better to have turned a client away than to have ever promised them what you can’t deliver” (apologies to Lord Alfred Tennyson)

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  • Jonathan L.

    This is a fantastic post, Will. Hits on the major issues that come up with SEO clients. I especially LOVE your point about cutting client fees if their slowness is keeping you from doing what you need to do. I’ve always believed this is a great way to signal to your clients that you are in this with them.

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  • neo

    I’ve never understood why an SEO would let a client select them. It doesn’t make any sense to me.
    There’s one telling comment in the above post.. ” Any SEO that says they bat 1.000 and have never had a job that at times looked like a failure is probably not challenging themselves with difficult projects..” or said another way.. Any Indy 500 driver that hasn’t driven a race on shredded tires isn’t a real driver. Where’s the logic in that statement?

    I hope everybody realizes that some clients are perfect for the Internet and others don’t have snowballs chance in h*ll. If an SEO selects his clients by looking at their websites and knowing immediately he can double or quadruple their bottom line overnight why wouldn’t he approach that account? Why wouldn’t he specialize in that industry niche because he now knows that niche like the back of his hand? Why wouldn’t he go on to create custom applications for that niche to further increase his success in that niche?

    I don’t know why an SEO would put their shingle up and let any Tom Dick or Harry call them. Believe me, it is far less stressful doing one easy client after another and making excellent coin doing it.

  • g13 media

    This is a great article for SEO’s looking for long term success.

  • Wil Reynolds

    G13 thanks for the comment.

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  • Jamie Press

    Cracking read all these years on, Wil. Cheers!