• Aasma

    I only knew about WordPress, But wasn’t aware how to do with Blogger and Tumbler. thanks for sharing such useful article. Cheers!!

  • Rachael Gerson

    Thanks Aasma! I wanted to make a quick reference doc to send, since I get this question all the time. Hopefully it comes in handy for people!

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  • Arun Prasad

    Superb Shortcut. This is way better than other tutorials on the Net that Edit the HTML of the template and inserting the code. Heartfelt thanks.

  • Adeel Amjad

    This is really helpful . Thank you so much for sharing with us .

  • Whitney

    This was so helpful, I’ve now added this to my blog! It is in it’s infancy so not many views at all yet but I’m excited to hopefully see views grow using this tool. I really appreciate the screen shots as well, makes it incredibly easy to implement the instructions. Thanks!

  • Erin In Indy

    thanks for this article. So to be totally clear, in blogger, you have to paste the tracking code into every new post? There is no way to just put it in once?

  • Shayna

    This was so easy! Thank you, Rachael!

  • escott6151

    Thanks for your instructions! I don’t know a lot about Google Analytics, but I do know that it comes as a highly recommended feature.

  • Lilly

    Thank you so much!!! Helped me figure it out :-)

  • melissa@joyineveryseason

    super easy, just as promised … many thanks!

  • Shahbaz Khan

    Thankew. It was so easy, as promised :) implemented on on Tumblrog

  • ambarish

    What looks great to me is the fact that you managed to get more than 1lakh visitor a day from facebook after starting your blog 3 days ago.. Can you please share your experience.

  • Skhan thanks for this helping article

  • Portman

    really good ….easy to understand for beginner and helpful for seo analyst really good post.Check here

  • adeem jan

    The tutorial is quite simple and perfectly explained . Google analytics is one such thing that we all check hundreds of time .And having it installed in WordPress is very helpful and essential too . Even I have to install it it now . Hope your guide will a help a lot of people.

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