• amanda king.

    Hey Alisa, great post! Nice summary of how to (properly) solicit product reviews for link building in a #RCS way. :) Always important to remember, though, is disclosure – it’s something we’ve been talking about here at Outspoken, too, because not all of us (including myself) realized how seriously you could get fined if there isn’t that disclosure – see here for more details:
    But thanks again for reminding people how to do great product reviews for the brand!


    great piece of advise for all those who want use user generated content for marketing.

  • Alisa Scharf

    Hey Amanda, great point! Thanks for sharing that link!

  • Alisa Scharf

    Thanks for reading!

  • David McCormick

    This is a great post Alisa. I’ve been employing a campaign that’s very similar to what you’ve outlined here and have gotten great results from it. For clients that have something to give it’s hard to beat.

  • Bryant Jaquez

    Product reviews are such a win. If your client is wiling to give away their products, it is usually very easy to find willing bloggers.

  • Hyderali Shaikh

    Hey Alisa,

    Nice Post. I’m little bit confused as to which product should I send to the blogger because I can’t give him/her high cost product for free & also low cost product because I don’t want to promote it. I’m also handling an ecommerce project & the client is selling A to Z products but giving something free just to have a review is not something a client/owner would prefer to have.

  • Jeremy McDonald

    Good post, with some really useful advice. Product reviews are a great way to get those deep links.

    However with Google alerts, I always find it easier to set up a Google reader account rather than get the notification emails. Keep your email traffic down and get it more organised

  • Alisa Scharf

    Definitely agree David, and you summed it up – if your client or biz has something to give you’ve gotta give it a try. “Something to give” is relative too – even if you don’t have a physical product to ship you might still be able to structure the strategy around a service.

  • Alisa Scharf

    Very true Bryant – finding the right bloggers is critical though. Most people will accept something for free, but identifying bloggers whose readers overlap with your target audience is key. Thanks for reading!

  • Alisa Scharf

    Hey Hyderali, thanks for reading! I would try taking a risk with a higher cost product if you can identify a blogger with a readership that matches your target audience. You might get a few sales out of it in which case the review would pay for itself. IMO this strategy works best when you can send a product you want to promote.

    For the second part of your question, are higher rankings in the search engines something your client would prefer to have? When you get push back on strategies like this I would reiterate that the more links you get, the more Google will trust your site and the higher you’ll rank for keywords that will drive traffic and conversions to the pages/products you want people to see.

  • Alisa Scharf

    Hey Jeremy, thanks for reading! I’ve definitely heard of that strategy before too. I set up an independent Gmail account with the sole purpose of collecting Google Alerts, so it doesn’t interfere with my other emails at all. That way it’s easier for me to turn it into a task I tackle a few times a week by opening that gmail and looking through the emails for opportunities all at once. To each their own though!

  • Matthew Hunt

    Some awesome points, again as you suggested it’s really not about the link, it’s about the marketing/networking. The link is the by product of marketing via product reviews. Good marketers have always seeked product reviews and everyone should for the “review” and the source it comes from, not to just seek a link.

  • Alisa Scharf

    I definitely agree Matthew, I think the link here is really an accessory to the relationship you’re building and the exposure you’re giving your brand. Thanks for reading!

  • Brian Hunt

    Really awesome article Alisa. I agree with you basically on everything in this article and I think it was really well written. Not only can you get your product out to a large audience of your target market but you also are creating great relationships with bloggers who can really help you out down the road if you need something from them.

  • Alisa Scharf

    I already know you’re down with product reviews Brian! haha

  • Adam Thompson

    Hi Alisa, based on Google updating their guidelines to specifically prohibit “sending someone a “free” product in exchange for them writing about it and including a link”, would you suggest any changes in how one uses this strategy?