• Jon Payne

    So I don’t want to be some “douchebag” who says “great post, I agree”.

    I won’t. Your post sucks Wil, you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Okay kidding aside, I very much agree with a number of your points here. Especially hiring people with passion, and even more so the idea of not working with jerks and turning clients away. A bad client will cost you more in unproductivity and admin nightmares and your time is better spent by parting ways and freeing up that time for a better client.

    Let me know if you are in the Baltimore area sometime soon – I’d like to treat you to lunch and pick your brain a bit as I grow my SEO agency from very small to slightly larger…

  • wil

    Ha, you had me there for a second. I know every time I walk away from an opportunity I am nervous, because I don’t always know that another one is right around the corner, but as fate would have it something better always springs up.

  • Jon Payne

    Yeah its tough to turn down opportunities – but if you commit yourself to viewing your time as a resource that’s even more finite than money, than you realize you can part ways with a bad opportunity and re-allocate that time for something better… either a more profitable, more enjoyable client or even just plain staring at the wall :) Sometimes that’s an improvement!

    Opportunity Cost.

    Of course I “say” this. I even have a sign on my bulletin board no more than 4 feet from me every day that says “no new clients” to try and encourage me not to take new business and focus on what we have. Yet, I’m a total hypocrite. I find that many small-firm SEO and Web Design owners that I deal with are much the same way. We all take on way too much work even though we know we should be more selective.

  • Philip Shaw

    Wil, some great points which will help with our planning for 2010. I like the “Jerk Radar”. It is closely related to the “Give me a ton of free consulting” Radar. Both types of people kill profitably.

    Thanks for the info.


  • Ronnie

    Hey Wil,
    I think you hit the nail on the head with this, when you put people before money you will make out better in life also. People(clients) value relationships more then they do knowing that you only want to talk to them to take their money, so I like your philosophy, more companies should adopt your worldview and they would be more successful. I also agree, you have to really love the work you do because we spend most of our week doing it! And I love SEO like you – so hats off!