Let's Get ASIC

Every Search is a Person Trying to Find An Answer

So What is ASIC?

It’s our process for how we put our client’s customers into the heart of everything we do.

We start with Audience, then Strategy, then Industry, then [we finally get to where most start] the Channels.

By learning about the searchers behind the queries, we’re able to understand their motivations, frustrations, and pain points. Only after understanding those can we strategize on how to best engage with people and help them on their journey.

Okay, How’s It Work?

Instead of diving right into keywords, search volume, and impressions —  first, we begin by understanding as much as we can about your audience: who are they, what do they need along their journey, and how can we best provide it.

From there we’ll move through building out a messaging strategy, leaning on our industry knowledge, and we’ll round off with choosing the most appropriate channels to work together to get that message to your user.

It’s All Fairly ASIC….


Who are your users? What do they want? What are they doing? How can we help them? What’s their “why” for this search?


Using our insights, what’s the best way to reach these people and with what information?


What can we take from Seer’s insights, experiences, and benchmarks in your industry to inform our strategy and implementation?


How do we use multi-channel funnel analysis and attribution to understand the integrated performance of channels such as organic, paid, email, and more?

Want to Learn More?

Every search is a person trying to find an answer. At the heart of it, ASIC helps us enable our clients to provide those people with the best solutions.

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