Seer the World: Seer's Digital Nomad Pilot

Seer the World

Seer the World is a pilot that was launched in August 2017 to support our team member, Emily Schmidt, in her ambitions of working remotely while traveling the world. Since transitioning to a remote capacity, she has traveled to 4 continents and 7 countries living in cities 1-3 months at a time.

Seer strongly believes in supporting employees in their career paths, and is always open to having a conversation and discussing new opportunities.

We are committed to helping improve employee, employer relationships through transparency and trust, and sharing our learnings.


About the Role

Emily came to us in April of 2017 to discuss how she was thinking about quitting. After the initial conversation with Emily & Wil, they encouraged Emily to pitch a role that would fit her ambitions and contribute directly to company revenue.

This role was designed and built by Emily over the course of 3 months, 100 hours, and 18 team member interviews to determine the opportunities, risks, and how this would accomplish Seer’s goals.

Emily is the eCommerce strategist and leads the eCommerce Task Force with Chad Gingrich. Together they build and execute eCommerce strategies and tactics for Seer’s clientele, educate and train the team on the evolving eCommerce strategies, and share the latest updates in the industry.

Additionally, Emily works with the Marketing and People Opps team to improve employee, employer relations and help provide other companies and employees with the tools to improve employee engagement, retention, and company revenue. She is passionate about empowering individuals with tools to build passionate career paths that are outside the typical path.

Seer and Remote Work

Seer has supported working from home for years and has recently decided to open up opportunities for full-time remote workers. Emily Yetzer & Dana Demitri were both former Seer employees who left because of relocations to new cities, and are now back happily working at Seer remotely.

Wil, our CEO, has started opening up about his relationship working remotely and how he’s excited about our explorations into remote work. 


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