Combines a range of cells as either a column or a row. Useful if you need to combine a block of cells into a single row or column.


Filters incoming data by specifying a header. Usful if you only need a few columns from one of the API functions.


Removes the first row. Useful if you get something with a header row but you don't need it.


=combineRange(inputRange, optByRows, optAsRow)


Name Type Description
inputRange array | range Range of cells you want to combine
optByRows optByRows (optional) Go left to right (default is up and down)
optAsRow optAsRow (optional) Output as a row (default is a column)

Turn a bunch of columns into a single column.

// Let's say your block of data looks like this:
// +-----------------------------------------+
// |      |     A    |     B     |     C     |
// +-----------------------------------------+
// |   1  | philly     nyc         dallas
// |   2  | houston    san fran    miami
// |   3  | chicago    seattle     austin
// +------+
// Combine the block going up        // Combine the block going 
// and down as a column.             // left to right as a column. 
=combineRange(A1:C3)                 =combineRange(A1:C3, true)                  
//   philly                               philly      
//   houston                              nyc      
//   chicago                              dallas      
//   nyc                                  houston      
//   san fran                             san fran      
//   seattle                              miami      
//   dallas                               chicago    
//   miami                                seattle    
//   austin                               austin    

// Combine block going up and down as a row
=combineRange(A1:C3, false, true)
// => philly | houston | chicago | nyc | san fran | seattle | dallas | miami | austin

// Combine block going left to right as a row
=combineRange(A1:C3, true, true)]
// => philly | nyc | dallas | houston | san fran | miami | chicago | seattle | austin


=filterColumns(input, filterCols)


Name Type Description
input array | range Input array or range of cells.
filterCols array | range Columns you want to filter by

Filter data by columns. Useful if you only need a few columns from an API.
Just get URL, title, mozrank, and page authority, in that order from SEOmoz.

// Headers in the first row
// ------------------------
  A1: url
  B1: title
  C1: mozrank
  D1: page authority
// URLs down column A
// ------------------

// filterColumns + getLinkscape + Magic
// --------------------------------------
  B2: =filterColumns( getLinkscape(A2:A4, false), B1:D1 )




Name Type Description
input array | range Array to shift

Remove header row from getLinkscape()

=removeFirstRow( getLinkscape(A1) )