AdWords Scripts 101Chapter five

Which AdWords Script Do I Need?

Okay, so now you know all about the anatomy of a script and how it works. But how does this apply to you? Check out our top script list to help you find the perfect AdWords script to practice based on the account problems you’d like to solve! Are you a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between? We have an AdWords script for you.

  • Link Checker (Level: Easy)
    This easy-to-use script scans through our final URLs to find any that are pointing to non-existent (404) pages. You don’t want to be spending money driving users to dead pages, right? We believe that this script should be applied to EVERY account that you manage.
  • Account Summary (Level: Easy)
    Tired of loading each of your clients accounts every morning to check yesterday’s performance? Use this script to have your daily account performance pulled into a GSheet AND emailed to you. You can also make this a client facing report for those clients who like daily performance updates.
  • Bid to Position (Level: Easy)
    For those without advanced PPC tools such as Acquisio or Marin, this tool can adjust your keyword bids to help position your ads in the ad position that works best for you. Remember, #1 ad position isn’t always the best position for every client/industry.
  • Search Query (Level: Intermediate)
    This mid-level script helps to not only automate the process of pulling and analyzing SQRs, it also can help to implement new keywords and ads based on thresholds that you set. You can use this script to create some nifty tricks for automatically creating ad groups for those certain search queries that are absolutely killing it for your conversion rates and CPA’s!
  • Keyword Performance (Level: Intermediate)
    Do you have keywords that have bad quality score? That’s a silly question, of course you do! This script will help automate the process of finding those keywords that are sucking your budget dry due to poor quality score.
  • Sale Countdown (Level: Intermediate)
    Humans love things when their a sense of scarcity. Skip waiting for your ads to pass through ad approval and use this script to update your countdown values without the need of sending your ad back through the approval process.
  • Account Anomaly (Level: Intermediate)
    Decide to launch a non-modified broad match keyword to gain more insights about how your customers are searching? As PPC’ers, we know how valuable (and dangerous) this strategy can be. Use this script to have alerts sent to you by email if your account is performing significantly different than it usually is.
  • Auction Insights (Level: Advanced)
    This non-traditional script helps to visualize auction insights data over time to help you understand what has been going on in your industry. Use this to see which competitors have come and gone over time and if you’re really handy, you can use this to spy on your competitors spend and see when they typically exhaust their budgets.
  • Bid by Weather (Level: Advanced)
    Do you notice an uptick in account performance when its raining or snowy? How about when it’s sunny? If so, use this script to automatically adjust your bids when users are in areas with your preset weather conditions. I mean, who buys umbrellas when it’s NOT raining?
  • Multi Bidder (Level: Advanced)
    This difficult to set up (but super powerful) script gives you the ability to make keyword bid adjustments based of of multiple variables. You can even use this script to set specific keywords to first page or top of page cpc’s, if you’re comfortable in trusting Google for those values.
  • Ad Customizer (Level: Advanced)
    How would you like to be able to dynamically insert your stock numbers in your ad copy? By showing users how many of a product you have left, you can help nudge them to complete their purchase. Using this script, plus some cloud hosted inventory data, you can have your ad text to be updated to include values reflecting your current stock of a product. Can you believe there are still people who say dynamic insertion is a bad thing? Shame on them.
  • Dayparting Automation (Level: Advanced)
    Not only is it a boring and monotonous task pulling and analyzing dayparting data, it’s complicated to upload and you’re bound to miss a time period which can throw off your entire account’s performance. This script from Brainlab via Search Engine Land uses fancy data smoothing to eliminate anomalies, it creates heatmaps, and it shows your data across a basic line graph. Then it uses your data to make up to 24 bid adjustments daily (4 times more than AdWords permits through their interfaces). This one is tricky to get going, but it can really help out those clients/companies who have performance that varies across each hour.