Google Ads Scripts 101Chapter seven

Top 9 Google Ads Scripts Tips

Getting the hang of it? Here are our top 9 free tips for all levels—beginners to professionals—to keep in mind as you begin working with Google Ads Scripts.

  1. Google Ads scripts can sometimes take a long time to run—think a half hour to an hour! It’s possible your script could time out and updates won’t be complete. Always confirm that your script ran by checking progress in the log section.
  2. Don’t just set and forget. While it’s nice to sit back and let scripts do some of the work, you’ll still want to keep an eye on your account and ensure it’s making the changes you recommended.
  3. Scripts cannot be undone. Backup your account by downloading the account from editor before you implement the script so you can reupload the account without the script if necessary.
  4. Implement scripts at the MCC-level (My Client Center—utilized to manage and edit scripts across multiple accounts at scale) to protect code from clients and maintain control (credit to @siliconvallaeys). If you have more than 50 accounts in your MCC, you can use the MCC Manager template that Google released.
  5. View common script examples by clicking the “Show Examples” button while you’re editing. Copy the example and edit from there!
  6. Keep your naming process consistent throughout the script to avoid confusion.
  7. Leave comments directly within the script to help track changes and add context. It makes things easy when working with a team or making any changes to a script.
  8. Always check the comments/feedback section for any potential bugs/fixes if you decide to use a script posted online.
  9. Reference Google’s developers community forum for help if you’re running into any script problems.