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How Do They Make Money?

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You’ve probably seen us use #RCS in tweets, blog posts, and presentations around the world over the past couple of years. If you’re just joining…it stands for

Real Company Sh*t.

This asset was a big step towards encouraging the SEO industry to learning what an audience is looking for, first and foremost. Real companies understand their audiences and rarely build their businesses on shortcuts and tricks, yet we saw so many SEO’s focusing too much on quick wins.

We first came up with the idea when we saw how many people were looking for answers to the same questions over and over:

How does X company make money?

We decided that we wanted to help, that we could be the ones to answer those questions for people. We researched all of the companies and their respective financial backgrounds, invested in design and development to make the asset easy to use, and launched How Do They Make Money? in September of 2012.

We knew that we were being helpful by answering questions that people were asking, but even we were thrilled and humbled with how successful one useful piece of content truly ended up being. It was shared over 35,000 times from our site alone, and featured on LifeHacker, Mashable, and Wired.  The proof kept pouring in.

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The lesson learned?

The asset has been self sustaining over the years, acquiring 620,000 sessions and 535,000 unique visitors since first going live and is used as a resource by many, even months after launch. When Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo a year after the asset had been published, we quickly saw a significant spike in traffic. The only maintenance work we’ve had to do since the asset went live is routine fact-checking to ensure that the information we provide is always up to date.

Two years later, this concept still resonates with the digital marketing community—and we’re proud of the impact it has made.

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Go to: How Do They Make Money?