Exposed Customer Data Tool

We launched a tool to help companies remove personally identifiable user information out of search results. It felt like the right thing to do. Check it out right here.

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What kind of user information did we find?

  1. Unsubscribe email pages
  2. Donation pages with donor information
  3. Pages exposing usernames and passwords
  4. and even more.

Unsubscribe pages? But that’s really not that important. Right?

False. Think of all the places you subscribe to, either with a membership or newsletter. This could be everything from your local pharmacy to a diabetes newsletter. It could be for a support group or a conceal and carry course. It could be for a politician you donated to or your alma mater. Suddenly these unsubscribe pages tell you a ton about a person that you likely have no business knowing.

Our Solution:

We built this tool. We hope you use it.

Submit your website and matching email address, then we’ll see if there’s anything we found. You’ll get an email letting you know we haven’t found anything OR that we did find something and a link to that live search result. Then, we’ll provide resources to help remove it.

Want more info?

Keep an eye out for our blog post that will go into more information about the tool. We’re updating this tool regularly, so bookmark, check back, and share it.

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