Exposed Customer Data Tool

PII Appearing in Search Results

In 2018, Seer built a tool to find personally identifiable information (“PII”) in search results at scale. We found all types, including but not limited to:

  1. Unsubscribe email pages
  2. Donation pages with donor information
  3. Pages exposing usernames and passwords


But these pages aren’t really that important, right?

False. Think of all the places you subscribe to, either with a membership or newsletter. This could be everything from your local pharmacy to a diabetes newsletter. It could be for a support group or a conceal and carry course. It could be for a politician you donated to or your alma mater.

Suddenly these unsubscribe pages tell you a ton about a person that you likely have no business knowing…

Is Your Website Leaking PII into Search Results?

NOTE: We’ve deprecated the tool we once used to find PII at scale.

However, you can visit our resource hub for more content to help you protect the privacy of your users, or check out the posts we recommend below: