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We noticed that people were searching—a lot—for what to do on layovers in various cities. Yet, despite the amount of questions travelers and tourists had, there wasn’t a whole lot of content out there that satisfied these queries. We had a hunch that we’d be able to develop something pretty great to help folks out.

We assembled a task force.

The Team

Seer Labs Destination Layover Team

We analyzed competitors in the layover space and conducted a branding workshop to decide what we would bring to the user that they couldn’t already find. We gave this project a name, a promise, a brand.

Destination: Layover Branding

Simplicity was the key to creating Destination: Layover. Not only keeping the concept simple, but keeping the content and interface as streamlined and easy to access on-the-go as possible. The asset would provide users with quick trips they could make while they were between flights, giving them options for things to do, whether they go out of the airport or stay in. The asset’s clean interface and easy-to-navigate features made selecting a city to explore simple whether on a tablet or a smaller mobile device, such as a smartphone. We kept the number of locations offered minimal, understanding the user would have limited time to read and make a travel decision. It was designed for people on the move who wanted to wring as much from the travel experience as possible with just a few simple clicks.

While keeping things simple was important, it was the details that we added that made it shine.

We took the top 50 most frequented airports and researched different things to do in the airport’s surrounding areas. We included some tourist-y must-sees along with some slightly more obscure, yet fun and exciting sights in the asset, as well. We added Google Maps integration so that users could easily get directions to and from the attractions. We also added Google Distance Matrix to tell users how much time they would need to safely get from place to place and then back to the airport again. We accounted for traffic delays, getting a taxi, and getting back to the airport into the estimations, to provide users with a realistic and reliable user experience. We even added geolocation functionality so that the user’s phone could find their location and airport—because, hey, even the most seasoned travelers may forget where exactly they’ve just landed when they’re tired and in need of a good meal and a chance to mingle with the locals!

The response?

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See for yourself. Check out the site and let us know what we can do to improve the journey!

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