Content Acceleration Experiment

Content Acceleration

What is the best way to promote our client’s most successful content to new audiences?

We weren’t sure… so we decided to figure it out. It started with one of our summer interns who was interested in learning more about using Outbrain and Taboola to promote client’s assets. We built a small team and spent the summer months coming up with a plan to test the different platforms. Over the course of three months with a budget of $10k, we tested many different platforms including Zemanta, Twitter, LinkedIn, nRelate, Taboola, and Outbrain.

The Team

Seer Labs Content Acceleration Team

The Task

Seer Labs Content Acceleration Task Stats


Since then, we’ve done a lot of testing, including taking client’s blog content and repurposing it to reach a broader audience. As a result of promoted blog posts, attracting new social shares led to increased site authority. On average, when comparing the results of our promoted blog posts versus a control group of non-promoted posts, we saw promoted posts receive more social shares.

Content Acceleration can be used to promote assets to encourage users to complete the goal of signing up for a client’s service. After promoting a client’s content on high quality sites like Entrepreneur and CNN Money, we drove 8,348 new visits to the client’s site, leading to 205 overall goal completions.

We’ve also used Content Acceleration to promote sharable and engaging content that has helped to improve linking domains to the content. We promoted six blog posts from a recognized food brand and our total spend over three days was $1,700 at a $.15 CPC. This generated over 20M impressions and 11,000 clicks and resulted in 82 new referring domains and over 1,000 social shares.

Seer Labs Content Acceleration Results Graphic

We have found that this method for online advertising provides content with the context of a user’s experience, making the paid content feel less intrusive and more like part of a discovery process, all while increasing the odds that users will click-click-click-through.

Today, Content Acceleration packages are sold to clients as a an option for promoting content and continue to connect interested users with content they’d otherwise never see. Not too shabby for an intern projects, right? Sure beats the heck out of going around the corner to grab another round of coffee for your boss.


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