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Amplifound has been discontinued and we no longer host the content. However, you can still step into the past (courtesy of

Online marketing is our specialty and the Internet is our home. With this in mind,we’ve created AmpliFound to give passionate bloggers the resources, knowledge, and training they need to cut through Internet clutter and get found by the right people.

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If you’re a blogger, our passion is helping your blog get discovered. To not only be seen but heard online by the people who matter. Whether you are just starting out, looking for a little guidance, or teetering on the decision to start your own blogging expedition, we’re here to help you along the way.

The AmpliFound “blog for bloggers” posts twice a week on topics ranging from creating meaningful content and building a community via social media to using SEO to reach your audience, and tips to hone your technical skills—and really anything in between! Just as long as we’re providing value to our fellow bloggers, anything goes on AmpliFound.

Right now, we’re working on diving deeper into the blogger community. When we’re not putting “pen to paper,” so to speak, here are a couple things you can look out for in the coming months:

  • Establishing and maintaining more relationships with other bloggers.
  • Sharing what we’ve learned through Google+ Hangouts and other knowledge transfers with members of the blogging community.
  • Revamping the way we connect with AmpliFound readers, to make sure we’re right there with you every step of the way.

Check out our newest feature: AmpliFINDS, where we share the best blogging-related links from across the web every Friday, whether they’re useful how-tos, or just something amazing that one of our favorite bloggers is working on.

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